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In 1973, a team At Kum Yan Methodist Church, 80 Christians, established a congregation separate from their home church 1973. They travelled between meeting spaces for three to four years but were steadfast in their belief that God would provide a more permanent gathering location for Singapore Christian Canaan Church.


Like the Israelites of ancient, who God had brought to the promised land of Canaan, they christened the Singapore Christian Canaan Church when He made available a location at 84 St. Francis Road in 1977. As the congregation grew, an English-speaking community created in 1979, primarily from the offspring of the Chinese-speaking parent congregation. God had increased the number of Christians in this brand-new congregation. Both churches experienced great blessings.

Ministry Cell Group

A crucial part of our church’s basis is the cell group ministry. The cell group is one of our main venues for a believer’s life to change. The church wants to witness aliveness in the cell groups or cell groups that provide.

  • Members of life-giving cell groupings include those who:
  • via prayer and Bible study, steadily developing.
  • Engage in life’s activities together.
  • Creating areas for guests to enter and experience Christ-centered fellowship.

The three rhythms are prayer and word, social interaction, and hospitality. To put it another way, we adopt the following behaviours to develop in Christ:

  • Word and prayer – connecting with a deity.
  • Fellowship – connecting
  • Hospitality – connecting with outsiders

Ministry to Children

Are you concerned about the children’s activities while you attend the adult service? We do, however, have the ideal solution for your kids! Children (ages 4 to 12) come together for an exciting time of games, action songs of praise, Bible lessons, activities, birthday celebrations, and much more at Canaan Sonshine Kids Church. We urge our kids freely express their worship here. It is a service made especially for kids by themselves! The kids switch to three separate age-based classes: Achievers (4 to 7 years), Conquerors (8 to 10 years), and Overcomers (11 to 12 years). Through theatre, crafts, and group interaction Sunday, School teachers bring the Bible to life here!

Outreach and Evangelism

Through our short-term mission initiatives, we connect with individuals in Bangladesh and Thailand. Through various missions, VBS for orphans training courses for local pastors and church leaders have already reached out to people. Additionally, for more than ten years, we have adopted an Unreached Peoples Group (UPG) in South East Asia.

Religious instruction

Deepening Christ-centered knowledge of all Scriptures from the Old and New Testaments must characterise the Christian. A disciple develops a firm grasp of the biblical story of God—the creation, fall, redemption, and restoration—through intentional, diligent study of the Scriptures. Therefore, weekly bible studies will provide to raise a worker for Christ who can appropriately handle the Word of Truth. 

  • Bible studies
  • Foundations of New Believers
  • Biblical doctrine survey of the Old and New Testaments

Any of the Christian education and equipping classes are open to everyone. A new phase in Canaan’s expansion has begun. God has provided a way for Canaan to grow, made possible by a new structure built on the same foundation. We gave the new the name Canaan Centre to better reflect the goals of the ministries and our dedication to serving the community.

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