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What You Need To Know About The  Singapore Polytechnic? 

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, officially opened Singapore Polytechnic on Prince Edward Road on February 24, 1959. Dr. Toh Chin Chye, Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister, assumed the chairperson of the Board of Governors and steered Singapore Polytechnic toward satisfying the country’s industrialization needs. The Polytechnic rebranding began with a new Education Model of the Future program to unleash creativity and innovation and provide students with a distinctive Singapore Polytechnic experience.

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The Singapore Ordinance, issued by the Legislative Council on October 27, 1954, led to the formation of Singapore’s first Polytechnic.

The Basic Curriculum

The Common Core Curriculum (CCC) prepare students for an ever-changing, disruptive world. There are ten core modules, including rising important human and emerging digital abilities, that will enable you to be versatile and prosper in the future, regardless of industry or employment. The CCC also provides you with an integrated and multidisciplinary learning experience to address the world’s wicked issues as outlined by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN SDGs) at Singapore Polytechnic. These classes will challenge you to think critically about real-world challenges, empathize with local and global people, and use the skills you will gain to impact change to build a better and more sustainable Singapore and the world.

What exactly is a Polytechnic Foundation Program?

The PFP is a one-year program aimed at the top ‘N’ Level (Academic) students. Instead of continuing with your ‘O’ Level exams in Secondary 5, you can join SP to study for your pre-selected diploma course. You will be offered a provisional place in SP when you enroll in this program. To progress to the first year of your diploma program, you must pass a set of modules during your foundation year. But don’t worry; a dedicated team of SP lecturers will do everything they can to assist you to succeed throughout your foundation year.

JAE ELR2B2 range and course intake

The table below displays the SP course intake for AY2022/2023. The figures include students admitted through the Polytechnics’ various admissions exercises, which will undertake jointly or individually. Applicants must acquire a net ELR2B2 score of 26 or above and meet the minimum entry requirements to be considered for admission to the various programs at SP. The net ELR2B2 aggregate score of the lowest and highest-ranked students admitted to these courses through the 2022 Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) (for Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level qualification) is shown in the table below.

Learning broadly or deeply is an essential experience.

Your SP education includes the CCC. CCC has a wide range of basic abilities, and many of them serve as the foundation for your diploma course. In the core courses, you’ll find school-specific case scenarios and examples, which will help you connect the skills you gain at CCC to your course of study. When choosing electives, the broad abilities you’ll gain at CCC might help you chart your learning path. The electives allow you to enhance or deepen your knowledge of foundational.

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