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God provided opportunities for Telugu-speaking friends who are married (with families) and unmarried to go to Singapore and find employment. Many people who heard the gospel get saved. Friends who joined the church community to worship God are raised in the Bible to be His witnesses. By sharing the Good News with all peoples, providing for them, integrating them, enlightening them in the Word and Worship, and empowering them to become disciples of the Lord Jesus, Telugu Methodist Church (Singapore) aspires to carry out the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. Anyone can find a place in the Singapore Telugu Methodist Church, whether they are visiting briefly, relocating, or working in Singapore.


Women’s Christian Service Society (WSCS):

The Telugu Methodist Church (Singapore) Women Society of Christian Service get formally established on October 6, 2013. It shows a significant improvement in the activities of our church. Through various events, many women gather to prayerfully worship and serve God. They are involved in different activities, including Sunday school, worship, music, donations to missions, participation in social concerns and outreach, and regular church-wide Bible studies.

Outreach and Social Concerns:

The Telugu Methodist Church (Singapore) ministry values this ministry. The poor and those in need get always given pastoral care by the Singapore Telugu Methodist Church. It adds to the thoughtful gifts and donations made by churchgoers. Ongoing studies get conducted on some of these employment requirements of friends, employment prospects, and access to healthcare. We had the impression that this ministry was still thriving as it stood in solidarity with its brothers, treated them with respect, and demonstrated Christ’s love.

Ministry Of Worship And Music:

At Tamil Methodist Church, 8 Short Street, worship services are held each Sunday at 7 PM, with Holy Communion celebrated on the first Sunday of each month. During worship, there is a combination of western and eastern musical instruments in the singing and ritual. People come to serve and worship the Lord with great passion and joy, and the influence of God’s word continues to alter the lives of young people. 

Evangelism and witness:

Living witnesses in our congregation get transformed lives. They evangelize primarily via friendship and by living out the love of Christ. Tracts get dispersed throughout dorms and worker housing in Singapore. It occurs once every two weeks. On all holidays, outdoor evangelistic activities get held.

Our pastor :

Rev. Anil Samuel Reddipogu

Rev. Anil Samuel is an Indian native of Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. He began serving in Andhra Pradesh after hearing from God that he was to enter the full-time ministry. In 2001, Anil Samuel graduated with a Bachelor of Divinity from Union Biblical Seminary in Pune, India. He spent three years as a pastor at the Baptist Mission in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, India, and the Bethel Baptist Church in Kurnool.


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