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At SUSS, learning is not limited by age, qualification, experience, or background since we think that lifelong learning is essential for staying relevant and competitive in today’s society.

Singapore University of Social Sciences has been a leader in developing learning for life before, during, and after university – and its inception is pleased to be Singapore’s primary provider of lifelong learning. We offer degree programs in various subjects and smaller chunks of learning stackable certifications toward a bigger credential, work-related modules, and modules for the casual student.

Meta Description:

Everyone should be able to access education to forge new paths and create a brighter future through the Singapore University of Social Sciences.


Leading – is a socially good university


Applied social sciences to inspire lifelong learning and alter society.

Core Principles

We promote the Spirit of Learning at SUSS by providing excellent learning opportunities. Learning, to us, is a lifelong quest for knowledge that helps not just the person but also others around them. Because education, when paired with a passion for community, allows us to create a good, long-term impact on people’s lives. We must act with integrity and treat everyone with equal respect and trust as we contribute to a more inclusive and resilient society. We drive Innovation for Excellence together, utilising new ideas and technology to meet society’s evolving requirements.


In April 2005, we became Singapore’s private university after receiving authorization from the Ministry of Education.

In August 2005, we introduced Singapore’s first and only Bachelor of Arts in Tamil Language and Literature (BATL) degree, designed for adults need to improve their proficiency and understanding of Tamil language and literature.


We focus on providing our students with a competitive advantage in their industry by offering more than 60-degree programs in diverse areas. Explore the programs offered by our five institutions and get started on your educational path right now.


The Centre for Applied Research (CFAR) is responsible for conducting, managing, and facilitating research and associated activities. It also serves as a hub for research programs and initiatives. As the knowledge -a centre of the Singapore University of Social Sciences, CFAR maintains an archive of all professors, staff, and student knowledge production.

Full-time Undergraduate Programs at SUSS

In 2014, SUSS started offering full-time undergraduate degree programs. We want to foster self-directed, application-oriented learners with a strong sense of social and civic responsibility. Our educational concept gets based on the Three H’s: Head, Heart, and Habit.

SUSS Service-Learning

Service-Learning conceived as an integral part of the university’s learning ecology and pedagogy to empower students to further develop and act on their sense of social responsibility and contribute significantly to society, founded on real-world ideas and activities. It is anchored in the educational philosophy to develop graduates with strong social consciousness and civic responsibility. SUSS full-time degree programs include service learning as a graduation requirement.

In close collaboration – with local community partners, students discuss, investigate, and propose a local service-learning project. The project should be a long-term endeavour that lasts at least two years. Students can also use an abroad adventure to investigate global issues relevant to their service-learning.

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