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Things To Know About Singapore University of Technology and Design

Student exchange programs, undergraduate curriculum development, faculty visits for guest lectures, and the construction of the International Design Centre are all part of the university’s relationship with MIT. 

The university’s engineering and architecture programs have been certified by the Singapore Board of Architects and the Engineering Accreditation Board. The university has earned several accolades, medals, and championships.

Meta Description:

Singapore University of Technology and Design, founded in 2009, is a private university affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Students have access to lodging on the Singapore University of Technology and Design campus. A sports centre, recreation centre, fitness centre, cafeterias, the centre for writing and rhetoric, and a library with hundreds of books, periodicals, and research papers are all located on campus. Students have access to electronic materials in the university library. The campus tries to provide all of the amenities that students seek. The institution also provides lodging for guests who are there on an official basis.

There is also off-campus housing available. In addition, the institution provides lodging for its employees on campus. The eating areas in the hostels are well-kept. Many eateries and cafés get located around the university. Near the university are general stores, medical stores, and stationery stores.


Undergraduate and graduate programs are available at the university. Engineering and architecture subjects dominate the curriculum. Programming, mathematics, design thinking, physics, and chemistry are all included in the engineering program. Engineering product development, sustainable design, engineering system & design, and information systems technology are all included in the architecture course. Students can choose from the various course their interests are thanks to the wide range of disciplines available. The pupils get taught by highly qualified instructors. They also have the opportunity to participate in student exchange programs.

Services for students:

The Student Government works for you and protects your rights. Our members serve as welfare caretakers, facilitating communication among students, staff, and instructors.

We are the driving force behind Student Initiatives, fostering spontaneity and violating the rules. We also collaborate with all student clubs to encourage students’ progress and the development of their ideas and passions.

Positions and jobs:

Full-time work is among SUTD graduates, with an average monthly pay of $3,600. In the first six months following their graduation, 85 percent of SUTD alumni find work. 

Some exchange programs like Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, and Zhejiang University, are competitive. One of the vital advantages of its relationship with MIT is that they have access to MIT’s infectious entrepreneurial system.

Student organizations:

At SUTD, co-curricular activities, often known as Fifth Row activities, are a crucial – element of our student’s entire education. We’ve worked hard – from the start to provide students with opportunities to develop holistically and attain their full potential while also encouraging campus life.

One of these places is support and assistance for all SUTD Clubs and Interest Groups. More than 90 student organizations exist on campus, ranging from the arts to athletics to specialized interests.

ICT services:

Most programming classes get held in the Information Systems Lab, which contains a component dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT). It was developed – in such a way that it may get used for cohort lectures.


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