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South Beach Residence Review

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Market View

South Beach Residences is considered as a perfect statement of combine development. It is located in the busiest and heart of most happening district of Singapore.

The development includes Luxury Retail, Ballrooms, upscale Grade A Offices, 5 Star Hotel, Business Centres and restaurants.

In this mega development, South Beach Residences provides the option to own ultra-luxury residential unit.

The mega developments are projected by IOI Group and City Development Limited.

The apartments of high south tower get a wonderful view of the Marina Bay and City Development Limited (CDL).

The City Hall MRT & Esplanade MRT within Downtown are the underground railways located near the South Beach Residences. South Beach Residences are covered by most of the famous building and monuments.

Being an attractive destination, South Beach Residences provides commercial retail outlets and amenities. Prime estate is situated next to Esplanade MRT station.

South Beach Residences is reachable from the all the shopping districts and business hubs of Singapore’s Core Central Region.

The Raffles Place MRT is one stop away from South Beach Residences. Get the best experience of living in luxury at South Beach Residences.

It provides incomparable experiences and it is designed in such a way to give maximum space and efficiency which are rare to find now a days.

For a penthouse 5bedroom, South Beach Residences provide units ranging more than 6,400 sqft and for a 2bedroom residential hall, it provides a space unit of 950sqft.

With panoramic view from balconies and full height of the windows are provided by the unit in South Beach Residences.

The apartments of South Beach Residences have the best household finishes.

The kitchen of each apartment is equipped with the best state of earth appliances which are guarantee to last for longer durability.

The Condo comprises of 190 apartments, 654 room hotel along with a wide area of 500,000 sq ft which is designed for office area, 29,000 sq ft private club and 37,000 sq ft of retail area available.

This region is highly attractive for the crowd and the local investors from all around the region.

Everyone is getting curious to step in this brilliantly designed condominium, as this is becoming one of the finely integrated resort-like development.

This development is as renowned as the Marina Bay Sands.

The project launching date was on December 2016.

Details about the development

South Beach Residence Review 4

South Beach Residences is a 99 years lease project located straight at 28 Beach Road and can be located by the South Beach Avenue.

According to the 2018, this site has different biddings for 2bedrooms, 3bedrooms and 4 bedrooms for city and bay viewing apartments and unit.

The bidding for city views with 2 bedroom apartments is$3.32 million, 3bedroom apartments is $5.05 million and 4bedroom apartment is $7.28 million.

The bidding for bay view 2bedroom apartments is 4.32 million, 3bedroom apartments is 5.82 million and 4bedroom units is 7.52 million that was developed by IOI and CDL Group.

50 percent of the development of South Beach Residences is owned by partnership of IOI and CDL group.







Site Area

376,298.68 sqft (34,959 sqm)

No. of Units



CDL and IOI Groups

Where is South Beach Residences Located

South Beach Residences is 6 minutes rides distant from Raffles Place, 2 minutes train ride from Orchard and it is just near to Esplanade Circle Line Station.

It is also near the train station City Hall MRT.

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South Beach Residences Google Map Location

South Beach Residences Google Street View

South Beach Residences is a luxurious place to live in, connected with all the amenities required for the residential area.

It is in the heart of the business hub and shopping mall complex near the South Beach Avenue of Singapore.

The image that is given below will provide the location of South Beach Residences:

South Beach Residence Review 9

The above image will provide all information relating to blocks and various residential areas in South Beach Residences.

South Beach Residence Review 10

The development project is 9 minutes and 3.7km drive from Central Express (CTE) highway and short distance MRT railway station.

South Beach Residence Review 11

It is just 8 minutes (4.6km) drive from East Coast Parkway (ECP) highway and 6 minutes ride from Raffles Palace.


The location is among the best place for residential complex as there are many facilities available in this area.

South Beach Residences is a mixed development and includes retail, residential, Grade A Offices and hotel.

The 190 residences in this area have unblocked views from high skyscraper of 23-45 storey towers.

From such towers one can view the Marina Bay and the city skyline.

JW Marriot Hotel designed by Philippe Stack was near the South Beach Residences.

It has direct access to Suntect Exhibition Convention Centre and only a few minutes from CBD.

The Amenities that are near South Beach Residences includes Bus stop.

Train stations like Esplanade.

City hall which is just 0.5km away.

Pre Schools like Stamford Primary School.

St. Margaret’s Primary school.

Secondary schools which is nearly 2 km away from the place.

Catholic Junior college which is 4.2Km.

Singapore Management University.

Supermarkets like cold Storage, NTUC etc are hardly 1km away from the south beach residence.

However there are certain shopping malls that includes-

Marina Square which is 0.3km.

Raffles city, Esplanade Mall.

The Central mall, etc.

Various parks and clubs like –

Fort Canning Park,

The Lagends,

Esplanade Park and many more.

My Thoughts about the property

For knowing the true value of the South Beach residence, we made a comparative study between it and the other district 7 properties.

The price range of the south beaches residential condos and apartments is at a minimum of S$ 2,990,000 and goes up to S$ 28,000,000.

The south beach residence has condos and apartments of 2 to 5 bedrooms.

The 2-bedroom apartments and condos of the south beach range in between 968 – 1647 sq ft and the 5 bedroom penthouse have the square feet of 5,768 sq ft. One of the properties located in the District 7 is Concourse Skyline, which is a condo built in the year 2013.

The Concourse Skyline is located in the 296 Beach Road, District 7, has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms of 1,442 sqft. (133.95 sqm.) and costs around $3,773,640, i.e., $2616.95 per square feet.

One the other hand, the 2-bedroom and 2-bathroom condo of the south beach residence costs around $3,280,000 ($3,504.27 psf), has the size of 936 sqft, i.e., 87 sqft and was created in the year 2016.

The price of the 2 bedroom and 2-bathroom apartment of the South beach residence is quite less then Concourse Skyline and will provide more comfort and luxury to its residents.


In this section, we will be giving ratings to the south beach properties on the basis of different factors.

We will be reviewing the South Beach properties on factors like Pricing, Location and its Quality.

So, continue reading below to know about our overall views of South Beach Residence.

Project Review


In Terms of Pricing, the price of the South Beach Residential properties is lower than the other properties located in the District 7.

Due to it’s top-notch luxury and spacious apartments and condos, there is a growing demand for Condos and apartments in the South beach.

Due to the quite low price of the south beach residence properties, in comparison to other properties, the demand for the south beach properties is increasing with time.

For its comparatively low price, we will be giving the south beach residence properties, a “4.5 stars out of 5”.


The South Beach Residence is located in the centre of the city.

If you will be living in the south beach residence, then you will not have to travel much for reaching amenities, like- schools, offices, medical institutes, clubs, etc.

Places like City Hall MRT and Esplanade MRT are short distance away from South Beach residence and is connected to various bus roads.

In terms of Location, we will be giving south beach residence, a “4 stars out of 5”.



The residential complex of South Beach has been designed by the Foster+Partners, who are one of the best in the field of architecture and has won various awards.

The South Beach properties have panoramic balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows, through which people can watch the beautiful view of the skyline’s city.

For the quality of the south beach residence units, we will be giving this property as “4.5 stars out of 5”.

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