Splash-N-Surf Waterpark

Splash N Surf Waterpark

The 10 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Holiday to Splash-N-Surf Water Park in Singapore

You can cool yourself from the sun and heat at the Kallang Wave Mall’s Splash and Surf Water Playground, which is located on the 3rd floor of the shopping mall. It’s a wonderful place for families with young children to spend time together, as well as for adults to socialise with friends and loved ones.

For the younger children, there is a tiny section with barely 0.6 metres of depth and a bigger area with water activities like swings and slides. The land is separated into two zones. Stingray, a surfing area, and the Lazy River are also available for those who want to unwind after a hard day of work. The location is very kid-friendly, with 24-hour video monitoring and armed guards on duty to safeguard the children’s well-being. The only exception to this rule is for children under the age of 1.2 metres, who must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Splash-N-Surf is a waterpark located in Singapore. It was the first waterpark in Singapore to offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy an indoor surfing experience. In addition, it also has six themed water slides, a leisure pool, and a children’s pool.

Splash-N-Surf opened on 26 December 2004 by Surfing World International.

Splash-N-Surf has six themed water slides, including the longest water slide in Singapore, the Dragon Tail, which is and long. The slides are:

  1. Blue Lagoon
  2. Golden Wave
  3. Blue Dragon
  4. White Monster
  5. Silver Slayer
  6. Black Mamba

How To Bring Kids To Splash N Surf Without Breaking The Bank!

Splash N Surf is an amazing waterpark in Singapore that offers so much for families. There are slides, a lazy river, wave pool, water table, and more. Admission includes a locker and use of all the amenities.

Splash N Surf is a family favorite, but it can be expensive. Here are some tips to help you save money and still have an amazing time!

#1 Be sure to purchase tickets in advance online through the Splash N Surf website. This will

As a responsible parent, you want to make sure your children are doing the right things and staying safe. One of the best ways to do that is by teaching them how to swim. The Splash N Surf Swim School offers group lessons, private lessons, and summer camps for kids of all levels.

The less tantrums your children will have the more you will take them out to play. Playing in the water at Splash n Surf is perfect when the sun is pounding down on you. Level 3 of the Kallang Wave Mall houses the water park.

It’s a lovely setting that’s not too large to get disoriented in. Play areas include a.6-meter-deep swimming pool and a full-scale water park with slides, swings, and more.

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