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Everything To Know About St Anne’s Church

In the Singapore region – St Anne’s Church welcomes believers and others interested in learning more about Christianity. Our goal is to reach out to others and invite them to join us on our enlivening Christian journey.

We cordially invite everyone to participate in our worship and service to God at St Anne’s Church in Singapore’s North-East Region. The focus is on studying and comprehending the Bible and imitating Jesus and his disciples.


The late Fr. Hippolyte Berthold gets credited for constructing St Anne’s Church in Ponggol on land obtained in February 1961 and is close to the former Meng Tech School (now known as St. Joseph’s Convent). It got built to serve the area’s burgeoning Catholic population, which primarily worked in farming and small-scale fishing. On July 26, St. Anne’s Day, the church was finished and blessed by the late Archbishop Michael Olcomendy, who also proclaimed it open for service. The first parish priest was Fr. John Yu, who served until 1968 before being transferred back to the archdiocese of Malacca and Johore

When farming and animal husbandry eradicated from the region in the 1970s, the church’s membership fell to about 300. There were even intentions to shut the church because, in the words of the late Fr. Berthold, “we have more pigs than men.” Thank goodness, the plans for the future settlements of Sengkang and Ponggol were made public, and St. Anne’s Church is located precisely in the middle. In reality, St. Anne’s Church only offered one Sunday at 8 a.m. Mass in 1998 as opposed to the four Sunday 8 a.m.

Our church has about 7000 members, and St. Anne is one of the archdiocese’s youngest and fastest-growing Parishes. 

St. Anne’s Landmark Development

The current landmark of St. Anne is a result of Fr. John Lau’s vision and foresight, who began quietly preparing the parish in March 1993 for an inflow of Catholic communities as Sengkang Estate and Punggol 21 developed quickly. Finally, a church building committee got established in 1997, and we were fortunate to see the following progress:

1998–1999: The Church had renovations that cost $1.2 million and finished in May 1999.

For $6.8 million, the second phase of a parish complex and columbarium with 8000 niches got underway in February 1999.

By late Archbishop Gregory Yong DD, the refurbished church blessed on June 5, 1999.

Late Archbishop Emeritus Gregory Yong DD blessed and opened the Parish Complex and Columbarium on May 27.

The church owed about $8 million when all the dust had cleared, and we had formally moved into the new campus in February 2002. We started holding fund-raising activities every year because of the energy and innovation of our Priests, as well as the wholesome and steadfast support of our Members of Ministries / Groups, Parishioners, Well-Wishers, and Benefactors.

Finally, St. Anne’s Church was debt-free in August 2005. Bless the Lord.

  • Built-in 1963
  • The feast day is on July 26.
  • Our parish has roughly 7,000 residents.

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