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St. Francis Xavier’s Church is a Roman Catholic parish of the Archdiocese of Singapore founded in 1959 to serve the population of Serangoon Gardens, Braddell Heights, and Serangoon. The Church of St. Francis Xavier presently serves over 5,000 parishioners and is one of the largest Catholic churches in the Serangoon District, following substantial renovations in 2000.

Our Vision: 

In 2015, our church embarked on a new mission: “Disciples Make Disciples.” Our church’s aim is consistent with Archbishop William Goh’s vision for the Archdiocese of Singapore, which is to “construct an evangelistic and missionary church.” What does it mean to develop an evangelistic church and missionary? Our church’s tagline, Disciples Make Disciples, perfectly captures this. We first become disciples, then meet and follow Jesus. It will take time and work to be and make disciples, but we believe that Jesus is asking us to walk together and that He will go before us as our Shepherd. We anticipate a thriving parish full of Christ-followers in the future.


Church of St. Francis Xavier experience Archbishop Olçomendy bought five acres of land on the Serangoon Garden Estate in early 1957. In the 1950s, the neighborhood held around 15,000 people and was to host the British Forced Army stationed in Singapore. To build the church and a primary school staffed by the Sisters of the Infant Jesus in this area. Father Philippe Meisonnier was selected to head the church building endeavor once the site at Serangoon Garden was safe. Father Meisonnier and the members of the Church Building Committee wasted little time in personally soliciting contributions to build the church each evening, his canvas bag over his shoulder.

Finally, on January 11, 1959, Archbishop Olçomendy blessed the new church and selected Father Rene Chalet as its first pastor. The first parish council was in 1964 as an advisory body to the priest. The parish boundaries were originally on the Serangoon Garden Estate and expanded to cover Braddell Heights, St Helier’s Avenue, Brighton Crescent, and Plantation Avenue. Later, in the 1970s, the region surrounded by Johor Road, Ponggol River, Seletar River, and Yio Chu Kang Road was partitioned to fall under the jurisdiction of the Church of St. Vincent de Paul. Ang Mo Kio New Town’s territories To govern them were likewise between the Church of the Holy Spirit and the Church of Saint Francis Xavier.

Between 1993 and 2004, various restoration initiatives get completed under the guidance of Father John Sim to establish a new canteen, vicarage, bigger church, and new community center. St. Francis Xavier Church was one of five churches recognized as pilgrimage churches during the Great Jubilee Year of Celebrations in 1999-2000. Today, St. Francis Xavier Church happily serves a Catholic community of 5,000 in the Serangoon region.

Mass Reservations and Schedule:

Booking for the Masses is no longer available. There is no need to e-book for all weekday and weekend Masses. The faithful may also worship at any Catholic church with this relief. 

A. Over 500 people

Vaccination-Differentiated SMMs (VDS) are still necessary for congregational worship services and other mask-on spiritual activities with more than 500 people at any time. VDS might be confirmed using TraceTogether. These Masses and sports are most accessible to:

  1. those who get vaccinated,
  2. children aged 12 and under,
  3. those who are medically unable to receive the vaccine

B. 500 people or fewer

Vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals may engage in such sports.

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