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St. Hilda’s Church Kindergarten is a private kindergarten that has been providing quality care and education for children since its establishment. Located in a safe and nurturing environment, it aims to develop children physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually. As an Anglican school for girls and boys, it values learning through love and celebrates diversity. Music education starts early at St. Hilda’s, with programs like the Primo Strings Program and Choral Program offered for different age groups. St. Hilda’s is an approved Kindergarten Program and participates in the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme. With an experienced and dedicated teaching staff and excellent facilities, St. Hilda’s Church Kindergarten offers a rich and engaging learning environment for young children.


St. Hilda’s Kindergarten has a rich history that spans almost 70 years. It is the earliest registered kindergarten in Singapore that still exists today. Founded by The Reverend Mother Ruth and her Episcopal sisters in the Community of the Holy Spirit, St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s was originally envisioned as a Kindergarten through High School. St. Hilda, for whom the kindergarten is named, was from the royal house of King Edwin of Northumbria and became Abbess of the double monastery at Whitby. This kindergarten has a meaningful heritage to the many generations of parents and children who have passed through its doors. As a private kindergarten, St. Hilda’s is dedicated to providing quality care and education for all children, and continues to do so to this day.

Educational Philosophy of St. Hilda’s Kindergarten

The educational philosophy of St. Hilda’s Kindergarten is firmly rooted in the values of the Judeo-Christian humanist tradition. They believe that every child is unique and should be nurtured in a safe, supportive, and loving environment. Play-based learning is the cornerstone of their approach, which capitalizes on children’s natural sense of inquiry and discovery. From the earliest age, St. Hilda’s places a strong emphasis on developing children’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual skills. Music is integrated into the curriculum from the Junior Kindergarten level, and academic excellence is promoted from the very start. However, St. Hilda’s also recognizes the importance of a child’s holistic development, and programs are designed to foster a love of learning and a joy of exploration and discovery. With a focus on student well-being and a commitment to quality teaching and learning, St. Hilda’s Kindergarten has built a reputation for providing exceptional early childhood education.

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Programs and Activities Offered by St. Hilda’s Church Kindergarten

St. Hilda’s Church Kindergarten offers a rich variety of programs and activities for young learners. From the school’s emphasis on learning through love to its commitment to providing quality care and education for all children, St. Hilda’s is dedicated to creating a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for their students. In addition to traditional academic subjects like math and language, St. Hilda’s offers extracurricular activities like music, dance, and sports to encourage holistic development. The school also organizes field trips and community service projects to explore the world beyond the classroom and instill values like empathy and generosity in the students. With a focus on celebrating diversity and fostering creativity, St. Hilda’s programs and activities are designed to help every child thrive.

Teaching Staff at St. Hilda’s Church Kindergarten

The teaching staff at St. Hilda’s Church Kindergarten is made up of highly qualified professionals who are passionate about early childhood education. They are dedicated to providing the best possible care and education for each and every child that comes through their doors. The teachers at St. Hilda’s understand that each child is unique and has different needs, which is why they strive to create an individualized approach for every child. They use a variety of teaching methods and techniques to engage children and make learning fun. The staff works closely with parents to ensure that each child is meeting their full potential and to address any concerns that may arise. The teachers at St. Hilda’s Church Kindergarten are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn, grow and thrive.

Facilities and Classroom Environment

St. Hilda’s Church Kindergarten boasts of a beautiful campus that provides a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for children to learn and grow. The facilities and classroom environment here are conducive to promoting physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development among the children. The campus accommodates approximately 400 students, with boys enrolled in Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten. The kindergarten also provides special subject classes such as secondary language (French, Spanish, or Mandarin Chinese), studio art, and music using the Kodály method. The school’s educational philosophy is centered on learning through love, where each child is recognized as a unique individual, and the diverse community that they serve is celebrated. The teachers are experienced, dedicated, and passionate about teaching young minds. The classrooms are designed to be child-friendly, with lots of natural light, colorful decorations, and age-appropriate learning materials. Parental involvement is also highly welcomed, and parents are encouraged to participate in school activities to foster a sense of community between the school and the parents. Overall, St. Hilda’s Church Kindergarten’s facilities and classroom environment provide the perfect setting for children to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

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Parental Involvement at St. Hilda’s Church Kindergarten

St. Hilda’s Church Kindergarten values the role of parents in their children’s learning and development. They encourage participation and involvement through various ways, such as attending parent-teacher meetings, volunteering in school events, and assisting in classroom activities. St. Hilda’s believes that collaboration between parents and teachers can greatly benefit the children’s overall growth and progress. By working together, they can ensure that the children are receiving quality care and education both at school and at home. The kindergarten recognizes the importance of open communication and building a strong partnership with parents in creating a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for the children.

Testimonials and Reviews from Parents

The testimonials and reviews from parents highlight just how exceptional St. Hilda’s Church Kindergarten truly is. Parents have expressed their satisfaction with the way teachers disciplined and taught their children, leading to positive changes in their child’s behavior, growth in their vocabulary, and increased interaction with classmates. The school’s small class sizes allow for one-on-one attention, which has been praised by parents. They also appreciate the warm, nurturing, and safe environment created by the dedicated and vigilant teaching staff. Parents have even shared that their children are always excited to go to school and talk eagerly about their day when they come home. These reviews are a testament to the high-quality preschool education and outstanding childcare provided by St. Hilda’s Church Kindergarten.


In conclusion, St. Hilda’s Church Kindergarten is a great choice for parents seeking a nurturing and high-quality early childhood education for their children. From its rich history to its educational philosophy, St. Hilda’s Church Kindergarten is committed to providing a holistic learning experience for all its students. With a highly qualified teaching staff and a warm and welcoming classroom environment, children will thrive both academically and socially. The kindergarten also offers a range of programs and activities, ensuring that children have the opportunity to explore their interests and talents. Parental involvement is highly encouraged, creating a strong partnership between the school and families. Overall, St. Hilda’s Church Kindergarten is a top choice for parents who want the best for their little ones.

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