St. Hilda’s Primary School

by | May 30, 2022

St. Hilda's Primary School

St. Hildas Primary School Students

What are the highlights of St. Hilda’s Primary School’s curriculum?

The school offers a rigorous and forward-thinking curriculum that pushes each Hildan to achieve their full potential and equips them with 21st-century skills, dispositions, and competencies. They navigate the changing terrains of the future landscape students must get based on sound principles and are willing to learn constantly. Students get groomed to be servant leaders and changemakers of the future at the institution. The St. Hilda’s Primary School will motivate young learners to develop an enthusiasm for what they do and a purpose to use their skills and talents to serve and make a difference in the world around them by equipping them with the skills and competencies required for the demands of a VUCA world.

Meta Description

St Hilda’s Primary School, founded in 1934, is an Anglican Christian school that educates boys and girls from different ethnic origins.

Hildan Ambassador’s Education through Applied Learning Programs (ALP)

An enriched global education can help to become excellent communicators. Students at St. Hilda’s Primary School’s exposure to local and worldwide events gets increased with the Speak Up! ACTS module, which includes carefully chosen newspaper articles or video clips for both Mother Tongue Languages and English Language. These resources get categorized by age to excite curiosity and enhance learning engagement. Hildans get prepared for the difficulties of the global landscape by participating in this program, which trains them to be critical thinkers with the ability to listen and relate to others as effective communicators.

Learning for Life (LLP) Imprints Alive!

Through the Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Community Involvement, and Student Leadership cultivate creativity and a respect for all cultures. Students get exposed to a wide range of age-appropriate artistic forms. Students put their art skills to good use in the classroom and the community. 

Students’ abilities and competencies in the aesthetics, service, and leadership areas get developed through individualized programs.

Play @ Playscape 

It’s done during recess when children tinker with Lego, Cubetto, Quirkbot, strawbees, and recyclable materials to engage in controlled and unstructured play. Purpose@Playscape gets integrated into school curricula through disciplines like mathematics, science, art, national education, and CCE. Students love learning about numerous subjects through entertaining, engaging, and meaningful hands-on activities. Interest groups used the Design Thinking Process, Changemaker Projects, and the Hildan Design Challenge to explore tinkering, coding, and creating, which increased passion at Playscape.

School Distinctive Programme (SDP)

They have created a unique platform for co-curricular programs called the School Distinctive Program (SDP). The SDP serves as a platform for a school-wide approach to cultivating Hildans with 21st Century capabilities, guided by the school’s focus on the entire development of each Hildan.

Modules like the School-based Leadership Development Package, Values-In-Action (VIA), Enrichment, and Life-skills seminars are held every week during curricular hours. These modules are divided into different levels and can be customized.

Character and Leadership Development

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) in SHPS consists of three programs: National Education and Social Studies (NESS), Values in Action (VIA), and CCE, all of which aim to develop Hildans into discerning, empathetic, adaptive, and resilient persons.

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