St. Margaret’s Secondary School

by | Jun 28, 2022

St. Margaret's Secondary School

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All You Need To Know About St. Margaret’s Secondary School

St. Margaret’s Secondary School attempted to provide pupils with a broad-based education – in the academic, physical, social, moral, and spiritual areas – in response to developments in Singapore. The St. Margaret’s Secondary School quickly outgrew its current location, necessitating more development. It was completed in 1960 and officially opened on February 20, 1963, by the Rt Rev RF Gibson Jr, Bishop of Virginia.

Redevelopment of secondary schools began in 1998 to suit the changing needs of education in the twenty-first century. The school later relocated to Commonwealth Avenue and served as a temporary location.


St. Margarets Secondary School Students

The National Digital Literacy Program (NDLP)

The Ministry of Education (MOE) announced the National Digital Literacy Program (NDLP) in March 2020 for all secondary schools to help pupils improve their digital literacy in St. Margaret’s Secondary School. One of the goals of the NDLP is to make it easier for all secondary school students to purchase a Personal Learning Device by the end of 2021. Singaporeans are able to use money from their Edusave account to help pay for their Learning Device. Students from lower-income households who are Singapore nationals will receive additional purchase subsidies.

St. Margarets Secondary School Classroom

Program for Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking (CT) is an essential part of learning, and the CT framework is used in several topics, such as Secondary Two Project Work. Students learn to distinguish between organised thoughts and purposeful thinking in these subjects. As a result, a mind capable of critical thinking across multiple fields developed. Our students can choose between competitive and non-competitive PW domains in Project Work (PW). Students can pursue their interests in Humanities, Science, Mathematics, and the English Language fields. Students were taught to utilise analytical skills and analyse many perspectives throughout the project to come up with answers to real-world challenges.

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Creating a Character

Our pupils’ growth is the goal of the Character Development Program. Character development pervades all aspects of school life and is a component of many of our programmes’ planning processes. Our long-term character development framework outlines our goals for fostering personal responsibility, social responsibility, and leadership development for children.

St. Margaret’s Secondary School is a school with a long tradition of caring and concern, which is reflected in the school’s community service programme. To guarantee that our children are ready to face the world, the school actively exposes them to various programmes that help them develop character strength. 

St. Margarets Secondary School Scouts

Development of Aesthetics

St. Margaret’s Secondary School, with its focus on the visual and performing arts, offers a variety of opportunities for our students to develop their artistic sensibility. Students’ drawing, painting, hatching, and colour rendering skills and confidence improved in the lower secondary level. They also learn how to use art software programmes like Photoshop for their work.

Playing instruments, learning about the elements of music, and creating creative music are all highlights of the Lower Secondary General Music programme. Students also learn how to use technology to improve their performance in activities that require it. Upper Secondary pupils can take GCE ‘O’ Level Art, Drama, and Music (and Higher Music) as optional courses. Our school is where the lessons take place.

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