Standard Chartered Singapore

Standard Chartered Singapore

Standard Chartered Singapore

For more than 160 years, Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore has been a member of a prominent worldwide banking company with a presence in 59 of the world’s most active markets and customers in another 83. Our mission is to promote business and prosperity by leveraging our unique variety, and our history and beliefs are encapsulated in our brand promise, Here for Good.

In Singapore, where we established our first branch in 1859, the Bank has a 163-year history. We were one of the first multinational banks to earn a Qualifying Full Bank (QFB) license in October 1999, demonstrating the Group’s long-standing commitment to the country’s business.

The bulk of our worldwide business leadership, IT operations, and SC Ventures, our innovation center are all based in Singapore. Our Singapore Retail and SME activities were transferred to a locally established subsidiary, Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited (“SCBSL”), in 2013. In May 2019, we completed the consolidation of our Singapore business operations by transferring our Commercial Banking, Corporate & Institutional Banking, and Private Banking activities to SCBSL. SCBSL is rated A1/Stable by Moody’s Investor Services, A/Stable by Standard & Poor’s, and A/Stable by Fitch Ratings, making it one of the highest-rated banks in the world. We were the first and only bank to be granted Significantly Rooted Foreign Bank (“SRFB”) status by the Singapore Monetary Authority in August 2020. We were given enhanced SRFB rights in December 2020, in acknowledgment of a much greater level of rootedness than the SRFB baseline requirement.

At every stage of their journey, we serve both individual and corporate requirements to develop wealth and promote trade in Singapore. We do this by providing a comprehensive variety of financial services via our personal, priority, and private banking divisions, as well as our corporate, commercial, and institutional banking divisions. There are 13 branches in all, including 4 Priority Banking centers, 1 International Banking and Priority Private Centre, and 23 ATMs.

Boosting trade and prosperity

People and companies that we serve are the engines of commerce and innovation, as well as key players in the transition to a more equitable and sustainable future.

Our network serves clients in close to 150 regions throughout the globe, with 85,000 workers and a presence in 59 markets. The London and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges both list us.

Taking use of our distinct variety

We’ve established a bank with diversified expertise and skills that sets us different across more than 50 countries.

Our presence links developing and high-growth areas to more established economies, enabling us to direct money where it is most needed.

promoting long-term growth

We’re in a unique position to help fund the tremendous shift in capital toward sustainable finance, which has become a top issue for investors, businesses, and people alike.

We’re committed to growing our company by generating substantial sustainable financing revenues and incorporating environmental and social factors into all of our decisions, so we can achieve our goal of being the world’s most sustainable and responsible bank.

Promoting a culture of inclusion

We recognize that diversity isn’t enough, so we’re fostering an atmosphere that values diverse viewpoints, talents, experience, working methods, and leadership styles.

We want individuals to work together to develop, produce new ideas, solve issues, improve consistently, and, every now and then, make a step shift.

Our strategy is as follows:

We’ve been providing financial services that help people and businesses prosper for for 150 years, producing wealth, employment, and development in some of the world’s most dynamic areas, including Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

We are dedicated to supporting economic and social growth in the markets we serve in a sustainable and equitable manner, in accordance with our mission and three core values: ‘Never settle,’ ‘Better together,’ and ‘Do the right thing.’ This sustainability philosophy outlines how we incorporate sustainability into our decision-making processes.

Our markets’ expansion is causing rapid urbanisation, which is increasing the need for infrastructure and technology. Finance, we think, plays a critical role in satisfying these demands. It allows people to create a better future for themselves and their families, companies to flourish and expand, and governments to provide economic prosperity to the general public. Supporting sustainable and responsible development, including achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (‘SDGs’), is a huge opportunity for us.

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