Stirling Residences

A Private Luxury Enclave

There was a time when it was a foolish idea to invest in properties in the Singapore market, as it was in recession for several years thanks to some government cooling methods applied to the market.

Now the market has settled again, the market prices for properties in Singapore started rising again for the first time this year.

This means that now, instead of a foolish idea, investing in the Real Estate Market in Singapore is an incredible idea if you have the means to do that kind of investment.

If you don’t have the economic power to invest in this market, you can always think outside the box and ask for a loan in order to secure the property which then will yield enough profit to cover the loan and provide you with some extra money.

Asking for a loan though, limits your options, as you don’t have as many tries to try and get an incredible condo by chances. You are basically limited to a one condo purchase, and it has to be the perfect condo in order for you to profit from it.

Which development would meet all those requirements? That’s right, Stirling Residences.

Stirling Residences

Stirling Residences is a very luxurious and great looking development located along Stirling Road and Angora Close, in District 3 Singapore.

The development is composed by a trio of giant towers that houses a total of 1,259 units that range from 1 to 4 bedrooms.

The 3 elevated residential towers of Stirling Residences are placed on a huge site area of nearly 230,000 sqft.

Stirling Residences Condo 1

Stirling Residences condo details

Project Name: Stirling Residences
Developer: Nanshan Group & Logan Property Holdings
Type of Development: Private Residential
Street Address: Stirling Road, Singapore
Postal District: 03
Tenure: 99-year leasehold
Land Area: 21,109.5 m2
Max. Gross Floor Area: 88,660 m2
Gross Plot Ratio: 4.2
No. of Towers: 3 High-Rise Building (38 & 40 storey)
No. of units: 1259 + 1 Childcare Centre
Bedroom Allocation: One to Four Bedroom & Penthouses
Expected T.O.P: 30 Apr 2022

Stirling Residences Condominium houses an amazing array of facilities and extensive landscapes; it features a 500m forest trail, 7 pools, 18 sky terraces and much, much more.

Once you live inside Stirling Residences you can enjoy all the facilities in it, as well as the breathtaking views of Sentosa and the city skyline from your apartment. Enjoy the breathtaking design gallery.

Stirling Residences will also house a wide array of recreational facilities, which include 1 childcare centre and 3 levels basement car park.

This amazing condo is being developed by the prestigious Logan Property and Nanshan Group, both of which will certainly surpass our expectations regarding the design, convenience and functionality. Get to know more about the developers.

The Stirling Residences has officially launched, view the site plan and floor plan now, and prepare yourself to invest in one of the most profitable condos in Singapore. Find out how is the pricing.

If you were looking for a property that has all kinds of facilities and is situated in the most prominent area, then you should stop looking around and focus on Stirling Residences. Learn more about the amenities nearby.

Investors and home buyers are all going after this development as having a unit here is a win-win situation for anyone. Please see My Personal Review

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Amazing Reasons to Invest in Stirling Residences

The first thing you should note about Stirling Residences Condominium is that it has an unparalleled location, which grants it easy access to the  most important and exciting districts in Singapore, such as Orchard Road and the Central Business District (CBD).

Being so close to those Districts certainly brings to the table convenience, time management, and certainty that the property will not lose its value over time.

As we said before, Stirling Residences Condominium will allow you to save time, now listen to this; the condo is only 3 minutes walk away from Queenstown MRT and other connectivity sources. Find out the advantage of the awesome location

Queenstown MRT Station has connection to the whole city and is located very close to the development.

This is a one of a kind condominium as it is the only one in the region that is located at the perfect distance from the MRT, being close enough to be convenient but far enough away that there is no MRT track noise.

When you live in Stirling Residences in Singapore, you are going to enjoy the best of two worlds; you will be able to enjoy the convenience of being close to a MRT station as well as the luxury of a serene living environment.

Stirling Residences not only offers MRT stations and convenience, amenities are also an asset for the development as Schools, MRT stations, Shopping Malls and more are situated around it.

Another great reason to invest in Stirling Residences is that it is being developed by renowned developers, Nan Shan Group and Logan Property Holdings, which have an extensive portfolio of successful properties as well as enough experience to definitely know what they are doing.

The developers’ names certainly play a role in every property investment as a development is more likely to be successful if it’s being developed by a well known developer but, why is it this way?

Mostly because once a developer is established and has a history of great properties, it generates trust towards the investors.

Being situated in an established matured estate such as Redhill, Bukit Merah, Tiong Bahru and Queenstown, residents of Stirling Residences can take advantage of everything these places have to offer, including amenities and transportation.

Stirling Residence is also located in private landed enclave, what is this you ask? Well an enclave is a portion of territory within or surrounded by a larger territory whose inhabitants are culturally or ethnically distinct, but in this case it’s not the inhabitants that are different, it’s the characteristics of the area where Stirling Residence is being developed that are.

This means that the portion of land where Stirling Residences is located is special, as it differs from the surrounding larger area because it allows for a tranquil environment even when it’s located in the middle of city fringe.

Stirling Residences is also located very close Orchard Road Shopping belt, the most important shopping area in Asia and one of the best places to enjoy yourself and have fun.

The development is also nearby Marina Bay Financial Centre, one of the biggest sources of jobs in Singapore.

Being located so close to this financial centre is an opportunity for you, as the people working there most likely need to move to a place near their jobs in order to save time, and here is where your investment flourishes, as you will be able to sell or rent with relative ease.

If you even need more reasons to invest in Stirling Residences, then you should know that very reputable schools are also nearby the development, granting you the opportunity to give quality education to your children without sacrificing any time when taking them to school.

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