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We are a small, intimate faculty located in a tropical setting, away from bustling streets and concrete influences – a little learning oasis waiting to discover with children’s help. We give adequate space for gaming and sports activities while preparing them for life with the greatest educational needs.

We not only support and promote pupils’ cognitive talents but also their independence, self-assurance, and experience of responsibility, thanks to originality, innovation, and excellently trained flexible teachers.

Values such as social responsibility, open communication, respect for others, honesty, and dependability are not just terms in our school; they are ideals we live by in our lives and teaching. The Swiss School in Singapore provides education under Swiss standards and criteria. Because of our high level of pedagogical excellence, we’re technically designated as a “Swiss Government Approved School” by the “Bundesamt für Kultur” (BAK).


Swiss School in Singapore strives to preserve and expand its integrated multilingual German and French curriculum that fulfills Swiss Government criteria while guaranteeing that all of our students have a good level of English. It represents the notion that education is about personal development and seeks to push students academically, socially, emotionally, and physically in a setting where children are encouraged to take risks and make errors to learn and grow. Singapore’s Swiss School is educating its pupils and faculty for a digital future. The Swiss School in Singapore is working hard to expand its devoted staff of educators.

Independent learning and self-efficacy: 

We want all children to reach their full potential by providing focused assistance and interactive training. We accomplish them via instruction that encourages responsibility, initiative, and innovation.

We make particular that children may develop and learn from jobs and obstacles. We guarantee that children have meaningful learning experiences by allowing them to create goals, produce their ideas, and find answers and strategies to reach their goals and objectives. We support youngsters in their learning journey through discussions and comments.

Enjoyable Learning:  

We want every kid to succeed in higher education, bolstered by good experiences. We accomplish them by encouraging youngsters to focus on their strengths.

It suggests that we are conscious that good emotions are associated with successful learning. We make sure that children explore their interests and abilities and that they may demonstrate what they like. We make that tasks interesting to keep you motivated and excited about learning and practicing well.

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