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Taman Jurong Community Club

Taman Jurong Community Club

What to Know About Taman Jurong Community Club

The Taman Jurong Community Club is a community building that provides public recreational and social amenities for residents of high-rise, high-density residences in this region. There is a need for more space because the current CC, designed ten years ago, is currently fully utilised. Due to a lack of available land, the Extension project gets constructed over an open basketball court. Continue reading to find out more about the courses offered at Taman Jurong Community Club.

Writers Crib For Primary

Early exposure to activities that encourage fluency in literacy helps pupils develop good writing skills. Among the exercises are a review of the enlarged Dolch Word list, syllable-based reading, grammatical practice, vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and creative writing.

Japanese Pastel Nagomi Art

It is a Japanese art therapy that combines pastels with the artist’s hands to produce delicate, heartfelt artwork utilising straightforward yet original painting methods. Students in Taman Jurong Community Club will learn about the history of JPNA and how it can soothe emotions, calm and relax the mind, lessen stress and depression, increase self-awareness and self-discovery, and enhance self-esteem and confidence. And bring joy and harmony to the heart while promoting aestheticism and an inner sense of beauty.

Creative Writing cum Comprehension

Improve your writing abilities by exploring and analysing a variety of writing sources. Students will learn how to organise stories using mind maps and employ phrases and descriptive words to make stories better. The proper way to combine sensory descriptions to convey an overall impression or mood will get taught to students, along with how to use language and a rich vocabulary in appropriate contexts. In addition, students will watch writers adopt a sequential flow and style and see how writers apply these characteristics to their work. Students will get taught how to look for context cues, paraphrase, compose complete sentences, and use critical thinking techniques for indirect questions throughout the comprehension portion of the lesson.

Reading and Phonics for K2 Students in Summerville L8

This reading curriculum has eight levels. Fluency in reading and writing gets guaranteed by finishing the 8-levels. Students start by learning how to read words using the first letter sounds, and as they advance, they also learn how to read words using blends, digraphs, and sight words. Every term raises the competency skills to the following level and is progressive.

Reading and Phonics for K1-K2 Students in Summerville L1

This program aims to maximise the potential of young readers. To prepare students for beginning reading, they will learn the fundamentals of letters, sounds, and simple sight words. In this interactive session, parents discuss concerns with the instructor, who will offer pertinent exercises that could get utilised to supplement the learning at home. Teachers show students how to combine letters to create Basic sight words at higher levels.


A self-defence sport from China is called wushu. The theory of wushu gets founded on traditional Chinese philosophy, and the skills involve many fighting techniques. Wushu aids in physical development and body augmentation. In addition to learning the fundamental footwork known as “zan ma bu,” participants will also learn how to utilise a spear, a sword, and a staff.

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