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All you need to know about the Tamil Methodist Church

William Oldham, an Englishman who spoke Tamil, had a burning desire to share the gospel with the Indian population of Singapore. Oldham began hosting regular Sunday services in the prisons for the detained Tamil convicts in September 1885, thanks to his fluency in Tamil. Sunday and weekday services were conducted in Tamil by the end of 1886. C W Underwood, a Tamil preacher from Jaffna, Ceylon, was hired in 1887 to engage with the Tamils. Thus, Underwood gets appointed as the pastor of the newly-founded Tamil Methodist Church. In 1915, the church started a policy of financial independence and established its building fund and plans to erect a church on a plot of property on Short Street.

Young at Heart:

There are two main reasons why the Young@Heart ministry operates. First, no matter our age, our heavenly Father considers us all to be little children. Second, there needs to be a ministry tailored to each age group that provides chances for genuine fellowship. In addition to other programs, seniors can attend Tamil Methodist Church services, health lectures, gaming outings, and Bible quizzes.

Methodist Youth Fellowship(MYF):

As the young adults join postsecondary institutions and consider life-changing decisions regarding careers and lifestyles, the youth ministry continues the work of the children’s ministry. Through twice-weekly Bible studies that offer a forum for participatory discussion on topics near and dear to their hearts, the youngsters get given the skills necessary to make wise decisions in light of their identity as Christians. From 13 to 25 years old, this ministry serves youngsters.

Service Timing:

TMC is home to a group of believers, including those who speak English and Tamil, Singaporeans and foreigners, young people, and senior citizens. Through various worship services in several languages, the congregation’s diverse needs and preferences get accommodated, and age-specific ministries ensure that each churchgoer’s unique needs get met. Visit us to determine if TMC is the right church for you if you’re searching for a welcoming and active church in the middle of the city where you can fit in and take part meaningfully. You can choose between attending a Telugu, Tamil, or English service.

English Service- Sunday (8.30 AM):

The English Service strikes a delicate balance between the classics and the modern, continuing with the Wesleyan tradition of hymn singing but advancing with the times to be relevant to the younger generation. Every month’s first and third Sundays feature communion.

Tamil Service- Sunday (10.30 Am):

The songs sung at the Tamil Service include classic and more modern compositions by artists like Berchmans, Freddy Joseph, Alvin Thomas, and others. The second and fourth Sundays of each month include contemporary worship. Every month’s first and third Sundays feature communion.

Indian Friends Fellowship (Iff)- Sunday( 6.30 Pm):

The evening fellowship is a missionary initiative for Singapore’s immigrant Indian community. Services tend to be more charismatic.

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