Tampines 1 Wildlife theme Waterpark


New TAMPINES 1 attraction: Wildlife-themed waterpark

School holidays and fun time goes hand in hand, for all the youngsters it is the time to have pleasant experiences to remember for the lifetime. We have found another rooftop water play spot for kids without any admission cost, so kids may enjoy here for free. Tampines 1 retail mall’s rooftop has been transformed into a stunning wildlife-themed water playground. I am sure no one want to miss the pleasure.

Tampines 1’s new rooftop playground, with its specialised wet and dry play sections and age range of 2 to 12, seeks to teach children about animal conservation while giving a fun, multi-sensory break during a family outing to the mall. Boasting lush vegetation and shaded pavilions surrounding the play area, the rooftop playground is a great rest stop for parents from shopping while engaging their children in immersive play.

Tampines 1 Rooftop Playground

Featuring polar bear and sea lion slides, hippopotamus splashing in small pools of water, and enormous misting South American rainforest flora and animals, this exhibit takes youngsters on an educational trip through continents from North America to Antarctica.

Tampines 1 also cooperated with the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) to produce information boards which are installed throughout the playground. Parents may utilise the information boards to teach their children about animal protection while also increasing their children’s playground experience.

The rooftop playground will be available everyday from 10am to 9.30pm beginning 10 March 2012 (Saturday) (Saturday).

Despite real estate in Singapore being at a luxury, the Splashpad is set atop a rooftop in an exciting wildlife themed play area and has been a big hit with hundreds of children and parents since launching in Spring 2012.

Architect Grant Smith of MSLA & CT-Art Creation Pte Ltd., a Canadian landscape architect, was commissioned to construct the children’s play area with the goal of teaching them about animal protection via play. To this purpose, the Splashpad® and play area have been created to reflect flora and animals from all over the globe.

Mr. Patrick Lee, Managing Director of CT-Art Creation Pte Ltd., stated, “The Splashpad® has numerous unique characteristics to guarantee that it satisfies the demands of property developer.

“The customer instructed us to develop a unique play area based on a theme like animals thus we chose to employ a landscape architect to accomplish this concept. We engaged Canadian Landscape Architect Grant Smith of MSLA, a specialised landscape architect on play and leisure areas with numerous significant projects that include those for Disney, Six Flags, and Universal Studios, to help us make this idea into reality.

Entrance is free.

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