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Tampines Bus Interchange

Tampines Bus Interchange Bus Parking

Need To Know About Tampines Bus Interchange

Tampines Bus Interchange (abbreviated as TBI) will refer to as the bus interchange. With feeder and trunk routes running at high frequencies, it serves as the main bus interchange for Tampines New Town. The Land Transport Authority owns it, and SBS Transit Ltd. is in charge of running it. The TBI is a crucial hub for Tampines inhabitants’ transportation, acting as both the terminal and departure point for commuting routes in Tampines Bus Interchange. It serves an addition to the high-capacity rail system and a crucial node in the hub-and-spoke transportation system. It is Singapore’s third busiest bus interchange, with 24 bus lines running from the junction, carrying an estimated 325,000 passengers daily.

Tampines Bus Interchange Bus Parking 2

Earlier locations

Early buses in Tampines operated from the Tampines Bus Terminal (TBT1) on Tampines Avenue 5 in Tampines New Town. Tampines developed in the 1980 intend as a temporary terminal to service new residents in Tampines Bus Interchange. On February 19, 1983, it began operating, complementing existing bus routes from the bigger Bedok Bus Interchange in the neighbouring town with one feeder service and one trunk service. Route 23 was the inaugural trunk service at TBT1, running between Tampines and Orchard Road, while Service 292 was the first feeder. Service 28 was quickly added on September 4, 1983, initially running between Tampines and Chinatown and later between Tampines and Toa.

Existing site

Phase 1 of the current TBI’s grander Tampines Central location opened to the public on November 29, 1987. Dr Aline Wong and Mr Phua Bah Lee, the Tampines MP at the time, opened it (then MP for Changkat, most of which has since subsumed under Tampines GRC).  It was one of Singapore’s big bus interchanges when open.  As trunk services at TBT2 gradually diminished, a new feeder route ran between the two bus stations. When phase 2 of TBI opened in March 1988′ services had previously operated from TBT2 had finished the transition to TBI with some modifications to their routes. Then TBT2 was shut down and destroyed to make space for housing constructions.

Tampines Bus Interchange Bus 

Extension of the Tampines Bus Interchange

The new annexe is 250 metres away from Tampines Interchange and was formerly known as the Tampines Bus Interchange Extension’ inaugurated as Tampines Concourse Bus Interchange on December 18, 2016. As stated in the URA Draft MasterPlan 2013 for Tampines, Tampines Interchange upgrads to an Integrated Transport Hub after Downtown Line Stage 3 construction finished in 2017

 With shopping and residential facilities integrated new air-conditioned bus interchange with connections to the Downtown Line and East West Line Tampines Station. The extension complex stated above would be next to Tampines Central Temporary Int’s most likely location.


TBI underwent renovation in 2008 to remove all barriers and make wheelchair-accessible bus services available. It improved in 2009 to offer more and better bicycle parking spaces near the interchange. The LTA, which took account the need at the time, provided 150 new bicycle racks. As a significant transportation hub, it underwent additional renovations in 2017 in time for the debut of Tampines MRT station’s DTL portion. To expedite boarding and avoid bus clustering along Tampines Central 3, a third entrance and new alighting berths built. At the eastern end of the Main Concourse a more bike racks.

Tampines Bus Interchange Bus Parking Area 

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