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Tampines East Community Club

Tampines East Community Club construction

Know All About Tampines East Community Club

People can mingle, learn, and receive essential services through community centres, which are primary organisations all around the globe. You can become a Tampines East Community Club member to receive trustworthy services.

You may learn about the various classes Tampines East Community Club offers here.

Yamaha Children Electone Course Level 1

Yamaha Music School is offering this course at Tampines East Community Club. According to the school’s curriculum, it gets taught to children in groups in a classroom between 6 and 10.


  • Keyboard Repertoire
  • Ensemble Playing 
  • Singing – Solfege and Lyrics 
  • Knowledge of Tones 
  • Methods of Expression 
  • Arrangement and Improvisation 
  • Music Knowledge+

Yamaha Music Course for Children Level 1

Yamaha Music School instructors will be in charge of instructing this course. Children are better able to comprehend and enjoy music in general.

Notes and Requirements

  • MCFC: for kids aged 4- to 5.5 years old.
  • 11-lessons spread across a term (3 months), each lasting an hour.
  • The cost of the course material ($39.10) gets NOT included in the tuition. Please pay $39.10 (Course Material Fee) to the Instructor immediately.
  • There are no substitute classes. Once class started, there was no refund.

Variety Baking for Adults

You will learn the fundamentals of practical baking and how to create a range of quick-to-prepare foods, whether you are a busy executive or a homemaker. Mooncake with a Twist on TasteBuds!

  • Enjoy these delectable treats to celebrate the mid-autumn festivities!
  • Mooncake with green tea and snow skin
  • Baked Cheese Mooncake

Beginner’s Pilates Matwork

Feel more youthful, fitter, stronger, and flexible. Applying the eight Pilates methodological principles to master this program will give you the fantastic sensation you’re looking for

As you work out with the Dyna band, you’ll develop your talents in fluid movement, focus, breathing, isolation, precision, centering, control, and routine.

SHIOK 555 – Halal Stuffed Crab shell with Crab meat, Kemaman Style

The Halal Stuffed Crab Shell with Crab Meat, a Chinese delicacy popular in Kemaman Terengganu, Malaysia, is taught in this enjoyable session, which is ideal for beginners and families.

Zumba Fitness

Are you prepared to have a good time and get in shape? The Zumba curriculum is focused entirely on achieving that. It is a calorie-burning dancing exercise party with a Latin influence that is thrilling, efficient, simple to follow, and inspires millions of people to happiness and health.

Trampoline Fitness

A dynamic fitness training program, Trampoline FitnessTM uses custom trampolines for its workouts. The core of Trampoline Fitness TM leaping consists of methodical rapid and slow leaps, dynamic-sprints, and power exercises. Powerful leaps that use more than 400 muscles, primarily the core muscles, are combined with balance exercises to provide the best cardio workout throughout an hour-long session.

A 15-minute warm-up gets performed before a typical 1-hour cardio workout. The class ends with five to ten minutes of relaxation (warm down) before moving on to 40 minutes of mat work exercises. Each activity will get demonstrated and explained by the trainer, who will circulate among them to check appropriate techniques and offer assistance as needed.

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