Tampines Green Forest Park

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What to Do At Tampines Green Forest Park

Tampines Green Forest Park is one of the East’s hidden gems. This playground will undoubtedly be at the top of the list of children’s favorite playgrounds in Singapore and a place for parents to enjoy. 

The Tampines Green Forest Park playground area, located along Tampines Ave 8 and is just a short distance from the new Tampines Green Forest (Blocks 878A & 879A) cluster of flats, features a three-story tower structure as well as a sand playground for younger children. The tower structure, which includes three towers, a climbing cargo net, a long slide, and a circular rope ladder, has to be the highlight for older children. The first tower is accessible by climbing the cargo netting. They’ll then be rewarded with a quick ride down the Towering slide after crossing the cargo-net bridge series.

Tampines Green Forest Park

Meta Description

Tampines Green Forest Park is a massive park. The play area is known for its high-up cargo nets, encircled by Tampines Green Forest Residences.

Playground at Tampines Green Forest Park

It’s no surprise that the construction was dubbed the “Adventure Playground” because of its many components. The many ways to interact and have fun with the playground structure at Tampines Green Forest Park allow kids to let their imaginations run wild as they build their adventures.
Tampines Green Forest Park Kids

Climbing up the elevated platform can be done in various ways, including using the ladders, poles, or ramps strategically placed throughout the play structure. Children can navigate the platform by using bridges and cargo-net bridges.

The sand pit gets encircled by interactive panels. Boards featuring graphics, a play-board with movable letters, and it that allow youngsters to generate noises and music using various materials and attachments are also available.
Tampines Green Forest Park Playground

Challenge of Cargo Nets

Tampines Green Forest Park’s cargo nets are unquestionably the centerpiece! Children and adults can take on the challenge of navigating their way up the solid hexagonal spaces to the first tower using the tall and complicated-looking cargo net system. 

They can then depart the tower and ride down the similarly fast and towering slide after crossing a series of cargo-net bridges and being rewarded with an exciting vista. 

The slide is currently closed. It is a fascinating structure to help youngsters develop confidence and motor skills, as long as Smaller children get supervised by a caring adult.

Tampines Green Forest Park Play Area

How to Get There?

Driving to high-element Green Forest Park is the most convenient method of transportation. Click here to view a map. Take bus 69 or 118 if you don’t have a car. Both buses arrive in the park and make a halt. 

Is There Anything Else Around?

Tampines Green Forest Park’s huge surrounding space is suitable for Run or a stroll. There are lawn areas as well as running pathways with beautiful scenery.

The rain garden, a fantastic project that not only acts as flood control and improves the area’s aesthetics but also provides fascinating planting choices, is well worth visiting. There is a coffee shop next to the park where you can have a bite to eat and a supermarket and other businesses nearby where you may get your daily supplies before heading home. 


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