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What To Know About Tampines Meridian Junior College

Tampines Meridian Junior College (TMJC) in Singapore junior college that first opened its doors in 2018. It offers two-year pre-university programs that culminate in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level examination. The Singapore Ministry of Education announced in April 2017 that eight Junior Colleges would get merged two-for-one, leaving four renamed schools; Tampines Junior College (founded 1986) and Meridian Junior College (founded 2003). It was confirmed as two of the eight, resulting in the establishment of TAMPINES MERIDIAN JUNIOR COLLEGE in 2018, with classes beginning in January 2019.

Meta Description

Tampines Meridian Junior College (TMJC) is a junior college in Singapore established in 2018 to provide students with several educational opportunities and enrichment programs.

TMJC Teaching & Learning Framework

The TAMPINES MERIDIAN JUNIOR COLLEGE Teaching and Learning (T&L) framework provides an overview of the vital aspects of students’ learning at the College. It is in line with the vision and objective of TMJC, which is to nurture lifelong learners through rich learning experiences in a culture of innovation, empowerment, and compassion. The framework lays out the basic principles the teachers should follow when planning, delivering, and evaluating classes.

Elective Programs in TMJC

Malay Language Elective Programme (MLEP)

The MLEP gets offered at TMJC and five other junior colleges. It gets designed for students who have demonstrated a high degree of skill and interest in the Malay language and an interest in Malay literature and culture. H2 MLL gets required of all students who enroll in this program at TMJC.

Theatre Studies and Drama Elective Programme

The Theatre Studies and Drama Elective Program is available at TMJC, and it was previously available at TPJC from 2007 until the merger. Its goals are to increase students’ knowledge, comprehension, and critical thinking about theatre and Drama in historical and cultural settings and encourage students’ interest and enjoyment in theatre and Drama as both participants and knowledgeable audience members. H2 TSD gets required of all students who enroll in this program at TMJC.

Co-Curricular Programs

CCAs provide a rich learning environment for developing character and improving interpersonal, social, mental, and leadership skills. Students’ Council is one of 30 CCAs available at TMJC.


A neutral design of white and khaki gets chosen from the four-color schemes suggested. Female students wear a white top with a khaki skirt while male students wear a white shirt with khaki-long pants. Along with their separate white tops, Student Councillors wear a tie and a name badge. Every Monday, the entire uniform is required.

A polo shirt in dark blue with red and white highlights is also available. It is not to be mistaken with the PE uniform, consisting of a red, white, and blue t-shirt and black running shorts. The polo shirt is permitted to be worn every day except Monday, and it is the acceptable alternative to the formal white shirts on Tuesday and Thursday.

Students may wear any college-related shirt on Wednesdays and Fridays exclusively, including CCA t-shirts and t-shirts from campus events. PE clothes must get worn just during PE classes. Students may, however, wear their PE t-shirts for the entire day on Wednesday and Friday because it is college-related clothing.

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