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Tanglin Community Club

Tanglin Community Club sign

Know All About Tanglin Community Club

The Tanglin Community Club is a community center located at the Whitley Road and Malcolm Road intersection in Novena, Singapore. Its striking white façade and imposing clock tower give it a distinctive personality. It is the only CC that provides a Guzheng course for fans of classical Chinese music. In addition, the CC offers classes in different martial arts, including Arnis, Ju-Jitsu, Silat, Muay Thai, and the famous Aikido program. Every month, the busy DanzBuddies club at the Tanglin Community Club hosts a Line Dance party that gives participants a great chance to mingle with other dance enthusiasts.


The first announcement of plans to construct a community center for the Tanglin neighborhood gets made in 1971. In 1975, the community center—which cost over $150,000 to complete—started hosting fishing trips to Malaysia’s Pulau Tioman. A 1991 art sale gets arranged to collect money for a Tanglin Community Club makeover that would cost over $4.5 million because the center had become old and out-of-date by the 1990s.

The community center had significant modifications by January 1994, and the new style gets compared to a country club. The community center’s new design featured a clock tower as well. 


  • Homecraft Room
  • Dance Studio
  • Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Badminton Court
  • Music Room
  • Basketball Court
  • Multi-Purpose Room

Courses Offered 

Kendo Class 

The Japanese martial art of kendo has changed over time from being primarily focused on combat to relying on character development. Kendo is an essential part of Japanese culture to promote good manners, discipline, and a strong feeling of respect for other people. A 15-minute warm-up period precedes the start of every training session. 

JuGoKen Kempo

JuGoKen Kempo is a martial art form that draws its inspiration from traditional Shaolin KungFu with a few other Japanese martial arts forms to create a helpful system. It includes novel techniques and drill flows to improve the practical application of the skills and traditional weapon techniques applied in practice. Warm-up exercises and stretches get followed by the fundamentals, basic body motions, and basic techniques in one form. 


A Japanese martial art known as jujitsu gets used for self-defense. Throws, joint locks, chokes, and clutches are a few of the grappling tactics used. Kicks, punches, knees, and elbows are used frequently in jujitsu as striking methods. The capacity to switch between techniques as quickly and as required to overcome an attacker is a crucial idea. Participants in this training will gain knowledge of throwing, locking joints, immobilizing holds, and striking techniques for use in grappling situations.


IAIDO is the practice of correctly wielding the Katana, a traditional Japanese sword while maintaining the appropriate level of physical and mental alertness. It is practiced by memorizing and performing forms against one or more fictitious opponents. Iaido is gracefully uncomplicated and balanced in its movements.

Olympic wrestling 

One of the original and featured Olympic sports in both the classical and modern Olympics is wrestling. To learn a range of wrestling techniques combined to offer a fun and complex workout. This program educates participants on the fundamentals of Olympic Freestyle Wrestling as a training regimen and a sport. It covers grappling methods from Olympic wrestling.

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