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Tanglin Trust School Singapore has a long history of providing British-based comprehensive education with a global perspective. We strive to make each man or woman feel cherished and happy.

Responsibility, passion, and engagement are strongly encouraged, and honesty is highly valued. Tanglin Trust School (TTS) work together in a secure, concerned, yet stimulating atmosphere. We establish high expectations while providing solid support, resulting in a network of lifelong rookies who can contribute to our world.

Meta Description:

Tanglin School was established in 1925 by Anne GriffithJones OBE to give a high-quality British education to children from foreign households.  The Tanglin Trust School (TTS) creates a boarding school in Cameron Highlands, Malaya, so that pupils may enjoy milder temperatures.


We want to be the best school with a vibrant learning community that supports and inspires everyone to achieve their full potential.


We treat people the way we want to treat them. We cherish our parent community and encourage their participation in school activities. Tanglin is a community that values and includes everyone.


 Tanglin tries to operate ethically and with social and environmental responsibility ideals. We appreciate instructors who learn as well as students who teach. We appreciate everyone’s ability to take chances, learn from their errors, express themselves, and reflect on life and learning.


Our motivation is to teach students how to enjoy learning, play, and friendship. We give students the time and space to be themselves and discover who they can become. We recognize and honor student achievement, achievement, and success in all they do both within and outside the classroom.


We have a unique curriculum. While the academic core is on the rigor of the English National Curriculum and ‘gold standard’ public tests like A-Levels and the IB Diploma, teaching and learning are frequently embedded in local and regional contexts to optimize our position in Singapore and Asia.

The Tanglin Learner Profile is a collection of characteristics and values that we dear to our students, faculty, and parents. Our curriculum is to prepare students for life in today’s world and focuses equal emphasis on transferrable skills and strong personality qualities as it does on specialized subject matter knowledge and academic difficulties. These characteristics inspired by the International Baccalaureate Organization’s learner profile are entrenched deeply in Tanglin’s learning and conduct. Students analyze the features of the learner profile frequently and have a thorough comprehension of each of the traits.

Remote Learning:

Distance education is crucial. Tanglin always prefers that learning should occur in physically formed class groupings. We need to work with peers, receive timely feedback and support from teachers, and be able to challenge and test ideas in front of a group for learning to be more successful. The school grounds are brimming with fascinating physical resources and specialized equipment that aid in bringing the curriculum to life. The distant learning strategies understand these issues but strive to solve them where feasible. We use existing technology while also benefiting from the strong student-teacher relationships and homeschool alliances built over time in our regular operations.

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