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Taxi Transportation Singapore

Types of transportation Taxi

Taxi Transportation:Things Available In Singapore

Over 26,000 air-conditioned taxis cruise the local roads, providing comfortable, hassle-free transportation at a low rate. They can hail down on most roadways 24 hours a day, with taxi stands prominently displayed outside most large retail malls and hotels with more Types of transportation (Taxi). Taxis are available at the Arrival Halls of Terminals 1, 2, 3, and the Budget Terminal at Singapore Changi Airport.

Standard taxis:

The mid-range Toyota, Hyundai, or Kia models used the colour of each cab company’s most prevalent cabs you’ll encounter on Singapore’s streets along more Types of transportation (Taxi). Comfort (blue), City cab (yellow), SMRT (maroon), Transcab (red), Silvercab (silver), Prime (pink), and Yellowtop are the operators (black with yellow roof).

The typical flag fall is S$3 to S$3.50 for the first kilometre; the metre ticks over at 22c per 400 metres.

Premium taxis, maxi cabs and MPVs:

These are larger ‘people-mover’ minivans and London taxi cabs imported from the United Kingdom. In Singapore, the buses are white rather than black, and they can carry up to seven people. The first kilometre and flagfall are S$3.90, with 22c every 400 metres. If there are more than four adult passengers, you will charge an extra $2 per head.

Limousine taxis:

The majority of the Mercedes-Benz and black Chrysler 300C sedans in Singapore’s limousine taxi services are white or “champagne gold.” In flagfall, their charges range from S$3.90 to S$5; beyond that, they charge 22c to 33c every 400m. Chauffeured trips and airport or hotel transfers can arranged using these vehicles. Taxis from the airport will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel or resort. These taxi meter and any additional fees determine the company’s policies and regulations. You can always reserve on their website, phone a taxi booking number, or the line outside the airport to hail one.

Taxi Surcharges in Singapore (Flag-Down Taxi Surcharges):

Avoiding hefty taxi flag-down taxi surcharges in Singapore is one of the most effective strategies to save money on taxi fees (also known as a flag down rates). The taxi business does not have a uniform fare for flagging down passengers. The cost of a taxi varies depending on the type of cab company and model taxi you book. Standard taxis are more likely to be flagged down, but luxury taxis are more likely to be flagged down. Standard cab fares might range from S$3.20 to S$3.90 flagged down. We consider premium cabs, this number skyrockets. We’re looking at a flag-down Cost $3.90 to S$5.00 for premium taxis.

Singapore’s Standard Taxi Fees:

The distance travelled, as well as any waiting time charges, determine your taxi rate. There aren’t a lot of variances between taxi companies when it comes to distance-based fares. Because the Singapore Public Transport Council mandated that cab operators standardise unit prices, this is the case. You will almost certainly charge for waiting time on a regular taxi ride. You have the taxi driver wait for you while performing an errand, which you will cost. 

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