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Teck Whye Shopping Centre

Teck Whye Shopping Centre Market

Restaurants And Cafes In Teck Whye Shopping Centre

North-western Singapore is where Teck Whye is situated. It is a welcoming neighbourhood where everyone coexists peacefully. You may discover various options everywhere, from upscale restaurants to roadside street food vendors, not just in Teck Whye but also in – the towns nearby. There are many good eating alternatives on Phoenix Road. Additionally, you can explore the areas along Choa Chu Kang Drive.

Numerous restaurants are offering a wide selection of meals at affordable pricing. Don’t forget to tell your friends about the best meals you tried when dining at these restaurants.

Teck Whye Shopping Centre is in Singapore known by the names of a road, a metro station, and even a school. You’re in luck if you’re looking for restaurants in Teck Whye because there are many to pick.

Teck Whye Shopping Centre Signage 

Sakae Sushi

If you prefer sushi, this Shoppers Lot One Mall establishment serving Japanese cuisine is a terrific choice. The tables are very accommodating, and the restaurant is pretty roomy. Each table gets spaced apart from the others. Even on weekends, there is quiet in Teck Whye Shopping Centre.

Sweet Talk

Have you ever been to Singapore if you haven’t eaten bubble tea? A bubble tea shop called Sweet Talk in Teck Whye offers a broad selection of delicious bubble teas. Those who have never heard of or tried this well-known Singaporean beverage should go to this location in Teck Whye and give it. It is a tiny candy store that offers intriguing flavours and is a locals’ favourite. There isn’t a lot of seats available. Therefore, you can purchase your tea and leave.

Teck Whye Shopping Centre 

Fu Chan Coffee Shop

You may depend on this location in Teck Whye if you ever have – a craving for food or coffee. Even after midnight, the Fu Chan Coffee Shop is still operating and sells coffee along with BMC and Indian food. Among regulars, their carrot cake is a well-known dessert. It is a comfortable spot for coffee and a little-known treasure of the Teck Whye neighbourhood. You will discover eating establishments on either side of the coffee shop. If you would like, you are welcome to bring food from such stores and enjoy a cup of coffee here, but you are not permitted to take any drinks.

Chin Sin Restaurant

Chin Sin Eating House is a neighbourhood establishment with various food stalls, as the name suggests. These establishments provide beverages as well as regionally inspired cuisine. So check out this establishment if you ever want to experience some regional flavours with your coffee. Try the prawn noodles, roasted beef, zi char, and Prata dhop from these stalls, according to the locals. If you don’t feel like experimenting with unfamiliar flavours, you can locate vendors providing western and Indian cuisine. It is among the top locations in Singapore for inexpensive meals.

Teck Whye Shopping Singapore 

Miam Miam

On weekdays from 11:30 am to 10 pm and on weekends from 11 am to 10 pm, this location is open (Saturday and Sunday). Although you will have to wait a bit for your food, it shouldn’t be a problem because they only begin cooking it once you’ve ordered, ensuring that it gets served hot and fresh. Their goal in fusing Japanese and French cuisine is French culinary methods with Japanese flavours and ingredients.

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