Temasek Junior College Secondary

by | Jun 28, 2022

Temasek Junior College Secondary

Temasek Junior College Secondary Students

The Guide To Know About Temasek Junior College 

Temasek Junior College Secondary was founded in 1976 as Singapore’s second government junior college, and its first class of students enrolled in 1977. The name “Temasek” is a throwback to Singapore’s original moniker, which translates to “sea town” in English. Temasek Junior College was one of the first pre-university institutions to provide a variant of the Ministry of Education’s Humanities Scholarship Programme (HSP) in 1982. Temasek Junior College Secondary launched Temasek Academy, a four-year integrated program, in 2005. Due to Covid-19, however, this was postponed twice to 2023 and then to 2024. The project would take four years to complete, with the new campus opening in 2028 at the old Bedok South location.


Temasek Junior College Secondary Auditorium

Character & Citizenship Education:

TJC get dedicated to the decent citizens who live up to our slogan, “For College, For Nation.” Our Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) curriculum teaches students fundamental values, social-emotional skills, and citizenship dispositions, preparing them to be engaged members of their communities.

CCE classes, critical student Development Experiences, and school-based and student-led activities are all used to administer our CCE program. Temasek Junior College Secondary are some that when TJCians venture out into the world, they will continue to local and global communities with a spirit of compassion and service.

Temasek Junior College Secondary Library

School Philosophy, Culture, and Ethos:

Every TJCian gets groomed to be a heartfelt pioneer. TJCians are engaged learners, compassionate and devoted citizens, and ethical leaders mindful of tradition, awakened by imagination and fueled by ambition. Temasek Excellence is a comprehensive brand that educates students with the intellectual, moral, and social capital they need to survive in a fast-changing and complicated world. Our dynamic faculty continues to develop and enhance our profession as we lead our students to bring out the best in them; our slogan, “For College, For Nation,” is one we proudly cherish.

Temasek Junior College Secondary Music


Temasek Junior College provides a variety of educational programs to educate and develop students:

  • Curricula on the cutting edge
  • Research-based, creative teaching
  • Academic and professional seminars and speeches
  • Local and international learning travels
  • First-hand learning experiences

Our highly skilled and committed team has the ideal combination of expertise, boldness, enthusiasm, and patience to maximize students’ potential and unearth latent abilities while nurturing ethical ideals and values.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs):

Our pupils’ personal and moral character gets developed through Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs). Students can identify and explore their passions through our Personal Development, Character and Leadership, and Values-in-Action programs. Academic achievement, a love for community, creativity, adventure, and entrepreneurship are all values we hold dear. All students expect to join an external CCA, regardless of whether they have previously added or want to join one. CCA provides students opportunities to connect with students from other classes and levels outside the classroom. Intra-school and inter-school tournaments and concerts get held each year to allow pupils to showcase their abilities while also learning to work as a team.

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