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Courses And Admission Process At Temasek Polytechnic

Every student at TP is encouraged to do their best. Our students are taught to be values-driven leaders with vision, character, and hearts who excel in areas other than academics. Temasek Polytechnic helps children grow into self-directed learners by providing solid knowledge and skill foundations. As a result, they will graduate as well-rounded, industry-ready individuals capable of making a significant contribution to the global community.

Meta Description

Temasek Polytechnic is a leading institution of higher learning in Singapore, located in Tampines near the picturesque Bedok Reservoir. 

EAE (Early Admissions Exercise):

The Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) for O-Level students is an application process for students who have completed their O-Levels at Temasek Polytechnic. They get conditional offers for polytechnic admission based on their aptitudes and interests before taking their GCE O-Level examinations. It gives polytechnics more latitude in selecting students based on criteria other than academic performance.

JAE (Joint Admissions Exercise):

The Ministry of Education (MOE) holds the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) every year to allow the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level certificate. To apply for admission to courses Junior Colleges (JC), Millennia Institute (MI), Polytechnics (Poly), and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) (ITE).

Courses and Training Programs

The matter you are on your entrepreneurship journey, our structured programs can help you accelerate your knowledge and advancement in the innovation and entrepreneurship arena. We have three core programs: Venturer Program, Originator Program, and Launcher Program, in addition to the mandatory INNOVA module for all TP students.


INNOVA, which is open to all students, teaches them how to develop a human-centric innovation mentality, including prototype validating and commercializing their ideas using Design Thinking and Lean Startup techniques.

Program for Venturers

This two-day event aims to pique people’s curiosity about innovation and entrepreneurship while introducing them to the various paths has resources available.

Program for Founders

Participants can develop their company concepts and create viable prototypes to showcase to various stakeholders and funding agencies during this one-month session.


Temasek Launchpad was established in September 2018 to provide comprehensive programs and facilities to support TP students, employees, and alumni in their pursuit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The hub is located on Block 30 and has a variety of amenities that can help you incubate your ideas, facilitate networking and cooperation, and eventually start your firm. It comprises:

  • Facilities + Makerspace
  • Incubation chambers
  • Food and beverage incubator SPROUT
  • Event Venues
  • Coworking spaces with hot desks
  • Rooms for brainstorming and meetings

Overseas Experience

The Global Entrepreneurial Internship Programme allows Temasek Polytechnic students to broaden their expertise in innovation and entrepreneurship through an abroad exposure program (GEIP). Through the Global Startup Challenge, students allow to work with entrepreneurs from around the world and learn about the corporate innovation ecosystem while obtaining hands-on experience creating a commercial endeavor. Increasing worldwide visibility in the startup and innovation environment. Creating meaningful relationships and networks.

Academy For Learning

The Learning Academy dedicates to improving employee capacities. We want to help TP’s teachers provide learning experiences that will prepare students for careers in the industry. We help diploma teams embrace TP’s Practice-based and Skills Education (PSE) Framework guides curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment methods. We support teachers’ professional development by guiding them on their teaching journeys and allowing them to learn from one another in professional learning communities.

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