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Now that Singapore housing market is showing signs of growth again (at least in the first quarter of 2018), locals and foreign investors have started to notice the island in regards to its housing market value and have started to take actions to invest in it.

Because of this, the private housing market has been growing faster than the public housing market, incentivizing developers to engage in new luxury housing projects.

New housing projects for the private sector in Singapore more often than not, cater to an exclusive target audience, the wealthy.

They frequently offer incredibly convenient locations, making it fairly easy to move around MRT stations and Bus stops, as well as highways and expressways.

Clement Canopy Project Details

Name of development The Clement Canopy
Developer Singland Homes Pte Ltd JV UOL Ventures Pte Ltd
Type Condominium (Foreigners eligible 外国人有资格)
Land Size 13,037.9 sqm / 140,340 sqft
Land Tenure 99 years leasehold w.e.f. 9 March 2016
Expected T.O.P. 30 Nov 2020
Address Clementi Avenue 1
District 05
Number of Units 505
Block / Storey 2 blocks of 40 storey high
Bedroom Type 2 bedroom; 2 bedroom Premium; 3 bedroom; 3 bedroom + Guest; 4 bedroom
Condominium Facilities Basement and multi-storey carpark; Family Pool, Island Pool, Bubble Pool, Aqua Gym, Waterfall Spa, Entertainment room, Reading Lounge, Private Dining, Indoor Gym, Lap Pool, Poolside Grill, Garden Grill, Canopy Grill, Cabana, Kids’ Playground, Tennis Court and etc.
Architect ADDP Architects LLP
Landscape Architect Ecoplan Asia Pte Ltd
Interior Designers Index Design Pte Ltd
Main Contractor Dragages Singapore Pte Ltd



Starting PSF


Expected TOP

Starting Price

Starting Size (sqft)


Not only have they made it easy to move around, they locate the buildings in such a manner that the people living inside have everything they could possibly need within a 1 km or a 2 km radius.

Whether they need schools, grocery stores, markets, restaurants or entertainment they will have them within a short distance. Besides the luxury offered inside these projects, they also offer functionality and convenience; this makes the units not only pretty but sustainable as well.

Eco friendly technology is also being used now as environmentally friendly and sustainable architecture is a strong trend at this, and it has been shown to attract clients and investors as it is most of the time very eye catching and less likely to depreciate. 

One of the recent projects that showcase all of these features in terms of market, luxury and sustainable technology is the Clement Canopy, a project under charge of UOL Group Limited and Singapore Land Limited.

The Clement Canopy address is located in District 5, specifically on Clementi Avenue 1. The Clement Canopy residences will cover an area of 140,338 sq ft, shared between two super tall 40 storey towers located next to each other displaying a total number of 505 units and a communal area featuring various amenities divided into 3 floors.

On this condo review we will go through every aspect of The Clement Canopy project to give you a good idea of why you should invest in it.

The Clement Canopy Entrance. Presenting an elegant and modern design here we can observe the Clement Canopy Entrance. This luxurious part of the building is designed to take your breath away from the moment you approach it, everything you can see from outside is in line with what you can expect inside.

The Clement Canopy Swimming Pool Area. Another view at the incredible design of the Clement Canopy swimming pool. Flawless, faultless, pristine and pure design portraying the rivers and the trees that surround us and we often don’t have time to see.

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The Cheapest Condos In Singapore

If you want to save time and money while buying a new property in Singapore, you should download this PDF.

Cheapest Condos PDF will allow you to obtain information about the best affordable properties in Singapore.

This PDF also shows you the Condos in a convenient list, so you can look at them individually in a easy way.

Compelling Reasons To Invest On The Clement Canopy Project Right Now.

The Clement Canopy condo in Singapore is ideal for investment right now as the private housing market is growing steadily, making properties revaluate constantly, and reach higher prices as the quarters pass.

Another reason to invest in the Clement Canopy condominium is its innovative eco friendly technology which is in line with the trends and tends to catch people’s eyes thanks to its incredible performance regarding the care for the planet, not only the project protects the nature around it by having zero negative impact on the zone.

It also blends with it as it showcases incredibly beautiful gardenscapes and water features merged into each other as if it were a river crossing the woods. Its amenities, its connectivity, and its future developments are all attractive features that make it compelling to invest in this project.

It also has access to medical facilities within short distance, making easier to solve any case of emergency, another point in favor of the Clement Canopy development.

Ideal for Local and Foreign Investors

Both local and foreign investors should get involved around this project as well as anyone that wishes to make a smart move with their money as this property is very innovative and possesses extremely high end features such as pools with trees inside and round them.

It is also still in construction, which adds the hype factor to the equation, making the prices go up as the project is being finished and the apartments get sold out. Adding this on top of the private housing market rise is a recipe for high profits with a very good margin.

Investing on The Clement Canopy units will also give you the chance to rent the apartments, which is an action that could turn into a steady income, which is always a smart investment.

The Clement Canopy Area Location. Here we can observe The Clement Canopy Condominium surrounded by all the amenities nearby. Here we can pinpoint how close hospitals, malls and parks are to the residences.

As we mentioned before in this review for the Clement Canopy Condos, the demand for land in Singapore is very high.   This is advantageous for investments in Clement Canopy because there is a lack of new housing projects right now in the Clementi Neighborhood, making the demand grow higher in the area.   This is obviously a heavy reason to invest as it is almost certain that the investment will grow and generate profits.

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The List of Overseas Property Investment

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The Clement Canopy: Located Strategically For Ultimate Comfort

Clement Canopy location is one of the huge reasons that make it worth of investment. It is located near the Clementi Town Center which gives connection to both the shopping mall and the MRT station.

The Clementi Town Centre also offers a variety of restaurants and dinners as well as all forms of entertainment and amenities. Residents of the Clement Canopy will also have access to the mega shopping malls such as GEM, Westgate and IMM and upcoming High Speed Railway and Jurong Lakeside village.

The Clement Canopy Site Area Location. Clementi Avenue 1 is just in front of Clement Canopy residences, making access to numerous places extremely easy. We can also see one of the schools mentioned before is just next to it, within 2 or 3 minutes walking distance.

Since not everything is entertainment and amenities, Clement Canopy is also located 1 MRT station away from the Second Central Business District of Singapore, The Jurong Lake District, a source for jobs and investments.

It could also be the place to make the right contacts in case you want to develop a project of your own.

Clement Canopy development is also close to One North Business Park, where one can find numerous science facilities as well as business offices.

Located Between Clementi Avenue 1 and the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE). This privileged location gives the Clement Canopy easy access by car to most parts of Singapore, as highways and expressways are one of the fastest ways to move around the Island.

The Clement Canopy Bus Stop. Very convenient to move around in public transport, giving the residents easy access to town and CBD. Clement Canopy location is very well thought as it doesn’t lacks anything regarding transport or amenities.

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Condos That Are Near To Popular Schools

This PDF is especially useful for people with children and students as it will allow them to find incredible Condo’s located less than 1km from the top schools in Singapore.

This PDF will essentially provide you with a list of the most reliable Condos located near one or several good schools along with organized information. This information will go from location to transportation, which are the main things one looks for when looking for a Condo near a good school.

A Healthy Lifestyle, Parks And Outdoor Activities

The Clement Canopy, even if the developers didn’t intend it, which I doubt, promotes a healthy lifestyle as it is within walking distance of various parks like, Clementi Woods, West Coast, Kent Ridge and Telok Blangah, making it easier to participate in outdoor activities such as sports, yoga or just running.

Schools Near The Clement Canopy

A location is not privileged unless it has some of the best schools of Singapore within short driving distance, and the Clement Canopy is surrounded by first class schools such as Nan Hua Primary and High School, Clementi Primary School, Tanglin Secondary School, Singapore Polytechnic and National University of Singapore all within 1 or 2km radius.

The Clement Canopy Located Near NUS and Nan Hua. Because of its convenient location, the Clement Canopy is able to offer access to several schools within short driving distance. This is evidence that education is one of the fundamental needs for the Singaporean people.

Education is a staple in Singapore society and it has a high standard so having access to many of the best schools in the country is certainly a symbol of status and a way to ensure that everyone in the family is educated.

It is also a way of saving time as the residents of The Clement Canopy Singapore will not have to lose time driving long hours to reach the school, making it possible to invest that time in other activities such as sports and music.

Everything You Need Is Within 1km Of The Clement Canopy

The Clement Canopy displays an incredibly vast number of amenities that are just a bus stop away such as 24 hours supermarkets that make it possible for you to have midnight snacks even if you have no food inside your house or restaurant if you want something different from home cooking.

It also include access to several of the most complete shopping centres around the area, like the Clementi mall and the West Coast Plaza.

The choices are almost unlimited and the variety is astonishing, it is virtually impossible to lack anything while living in Clement Canopy Condo. This project developed by UOL Group Limited and Singapore Land Limited also has various exits whether you need to use your car or the bus.

The Clement Canopy Amenities Near Clement Canopy. Here we can see that the Clement Canopy is close to everything a person could need. We can see markets, restaurant and convenience store, all within short distance from the condo.

Close To Highways And Expressways

The Clement Canopy site has access to several highways and expressways such as Ayer-Rajah Expressway (AYE), Pan-Island Expressway (PIE), and West Coast highway.

For the public transport users, there are several bus stops and MRT stations including the Clementi Bus Stop that are currently functioning in that area and connect to the Central Business District and the town.

The Clement Canopy City Map. Here we can observe the highways and expressways located near The Clement Canopy Condo, as well as most of the amenities nearby. With its impressive location, every need you have will be satisfied.

No More Time Wasted During Emergencies

In the event of an emergency, residents of Clement Canopy Singapore will have access to a variety  of medical facilities that are all within a short driving distance, for example the National University Hospital(NUH), and the soon to be finished Ng Teng Fong Hospital.

 Room For Future Investments In The Area

The Jurong Lake District has future projects of creating the biggest commercial, leisure and medical hub outside of Singapore City. This will increase the potential profits of Clement Canopy investments as the prices will most likely increase as the location becomes more convenient and advantageous.

Condos That Are Near to MRT Stations

Transportation is a big issue when looking for a Condo in Singapore as it is one of the most important aspects people take into consideration.

Downloading this PDF will allow you to get a detailed list of the best condos located at walking distance from MRT stations, this will help you save time both when searching for a condo and when you live in it.

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Site Map Of The Clement Canopy Project

The Clement Canopy is located extremely well as we have said before, this allows the developers to use this as a compelling reason to attract investors to this project or to future ones.

The Clement Canopy Site Plan. Location of every feature of the Clement Canopy project showcasing every commodity the building possesses. The commodities are separated by floor for easy location and better use of spaces.

The Clement Canopy Site Plan. Location of every feature of the Clement Canopy project showcasing every commodity the building possesses. The commodities are separated by floor for easy location and better use of spaces.

Space Distribution In Apartments Has Never Been More Functional.

The Clement Canopy floor plans present extremely well distributed spaces.

This allows the client to move between all the areas with ease and without obstacles. The client not only has an easy time moving around, the space distribution of the Clement Canopy allows the client to also see every space in the way that the developers intend them to.


2 Bedroom

The Clement Canopy 2BR Floor Map. Although this type of apartment is smaller than the previous ones, the space distribution is still impressive. The open concept and innovative design can all be seen from this floor map blueprint.

2 Bedroom premium

The Clement Canopy 2BR premium floor map. The space distribution showcased in this floor plan pdf is truly impressive. Architects were able to fit so many features inside a reasonably small space that it makes the apartment feel bigger and fuller.

3 Bedroom + GUEST

The Clement Canopy 3 BR Guest Floor Plan. Here on this brochure we can observe the space distribution of the 3 Bedroom apartments, we can also see the commodities featured inside each of the apartment of this type. It is marvelous how architecture has advanced so much that they can fit so many features inside a reasonable space.

3 Bedroom + YARD

The Clement Canopy Floorplan 3 BR + Yard. In this floor plan pdf we can observe the design and spacing of the 3 bedroom + yard apartments inside the Clement Canopy Towers. This unit showcases a total of 3 bedrooms and a roofless yard to enjoy fresh air even when you are inside your own apartment.

4 Bedroom

The Clement Canopy 4 BR 1 Floor Plan. In this other floor plan pdf we can observe the distribution of the space around the apartment. We can see the location of every bedroom as well as the kitchen and the living rooms, giving us a pretty clear idea of how the apartment is going to look once is finished.

Comprehensive List of Penthouse in Singapore

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The penthouses featured in this PDF are certainly the best, but that doesn’t mean they are the most expensive. With this PDF you will find out which penthouses are really priced at their value. It will help you save time when looking around for penthouses.

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The Clement Canopy Developers

The Clement Canopy project is being carried out by two of the biggest developers of Singapore, UOL Group Limited and Singapore Land Limited (SingLand).

Singapore Land (SingLand) is most of the time linked to premier property developments in both prime and suburban locations. Singland is engaged in the improvement of their housing and investment portfolio, this is possible through management and development of new premium projects including both office and housing projects.

They are often in charge of renewal and upgrading projects of existing building, which creates good reputation on top of their already high one.

Singapore Land’s main focus is on the development of projects in Singapore’s most privileged locations, always making sure the clients have everything they need within short distance.

The other Developer involved in the Clement Canopy project, UOL Group Limited is an established property company; they possess one of the biggest and most impressive portfolios of investment and development properties.

Right now UOL is in the process of an expansion, which is the reason they have been involved in so many projects recently. The company was established with the firm commitment to quality standards and architectural excellence. Their portfolio has all kinds of properties including hotels, offices, restaurants, retail, malls, and residential communities.

They are the carriers of numerous awards including the International Property Awards for Asia Pacific, the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, the FIABCI Prix Excellence Award, and the President’s Design Award of Singapore.

By looking at the quality and experience of its developers we can see what is to be expected of the Clement Canopy Project.

The Clement Canopy: The Luxury Apartment You Can Afford

The Clement Canopy apartments are already for sale and the prices go from $1.1 million onwards for a 2 bedrooms unit to $1.3 million onwards for 3 bedrooms apartment and finally $1.9 million onwards for 4 bedrooms flat.

The Clement Canopy price list displays a variety of apartments going from 697 sq ft to 1346 sq ft all within said price range. The price psf (per square feet) will be somewhere between $1400 and $1700 during launch.

The Clement Canopy project has no prices for rent yet as the project hasn’t been finished. Hopefully as the launch date arrives, the renting prices will show up and investors will be able to rent.

The Clement Canopy Sales have been steadily growing since 2017, which means units are going to be sold out soon. The time to invest is now as the number of available units is still high and the project hasn’t reached its TOP date yet, which means the prices will not be as high as they will be once the project is completed.



Price ($)


Bedroom Premium


Price ($)




Price ($)


Bedroom + Guest


Price ($)




Price ($)


Easy Payment Schedule Of The Clement Canopy

Payment schedule for The Clement Canopy is as follows:

Booking the property & Signing of Sale and Purchase Agreement 

Afrer booking

you will have to pay a 5%booking fee (Cash/ Cheque) and the Option to Purchase (OTP) will be granted.

The “Developer” will then mail the Sale and Purchase (S&P) Agreement to your banker’s solicitor or to you.

3 weeks

After receiving the S&P you will have to check the date in it as you will be given only 3 weeks from that date to proceed with the S&P.

Within 8 weeks

from the day the option money is paid, you will have to pay the remaining 15%.

You can use your CPF to pay for this and any remaining shortfall will be paid for by Cash.

It is very important that you understand and write down this schedule especially if your CPF does not have enough to cover the amount needed to prepare the necessary Cash if it’s necessary to pay a shortfall

Sales Completion Date 

Also you should remember that this amount will depend on your LTV (Loan To Value), e.g. if your LTV is 70% then the balance amount to be paid is 25%, 15% to be paid on exercising day, balance 10% will be paid by progressive stages

(Example foundation work completed).

Stamp Duty (3% less $5,400, Cash/CPF outlay) | Additional Stamp Duty (% of the Purchase Price)

Stamp Duty

Within 14 days of signing the S&P agreement (or within 30 days if the agreement is signed overseas), you will have to pay the Stamp Duty (3%) / Additional Stamp Duty (5% – 15%) (Cash/CPF outlay) to IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore).

Progress Payments using Housing Loan

From this point onwards, you can start using funds from your housing loan, which can be up to 80% of the purchase price.

The tenure of the loan can be up to 30 years, depending on your age. You will have to make payments as follows:

  • 10% upon completion of foundation work (Estimated 6-9 months later from work commencement)
  • 10% upon completion of reinforced concrete framework of unit (Estimated 6-9 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of brick walls of unit (Estimated 3-6 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of roofing and ceiling of unit (Estimated 3-6 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of electrical wiring (without fittings), internal plastering, plumbing and installation of doors and window frames of unit (Estimated 3-6 months later)
  • 5% upon completion of completion of car park, roads and drains serving the housing project (To be advised)
  • 25% upon receiving Notice of Vacant Possession and Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP), and the last 15% upon Completion Date, when you receive your CSC (To be advised).

The Clement Canopy will certainly be one of the most beautifully designed properties in Singapore, featuring incredible looks and environmentally friendly functionality as well as an advantageous location and proximity to transport.

On top of that we can add the caliber of its developers UOL and SingLand which will certainly make sure that the property is as high end as it needs to be to have a place inside their impressive portfolios.

When Clement Canopy is finished it will most likely be a candidate to win an award for design and sustainability as well as for having zero negative impact in its constructions zone, which in turn will increase its market value and help smart investors secure their profit.

The Clement Canopy Gallery

The Clement Canopy top to ground view. Incredible gardenscapes fused with water visible from every apartment. A true masterpiece of architectural design, merging the elements of nature into manmade buildings.

The Clement Canopy Swimming Pool View. Astonishing view from inside the swimming pool, surrounded by trees and plants as if you were swimming in a river inside the woods. If this is not environmentally friendly luxury, then nothing is

The Clement Canopy Swimming Pool Relax Area. An area where you and the nature can become one. There is no better experience than having the feeling of resting outdoors, from the safety of your own home.

The Clement Canopy Swimming Pool. Being able to sunbathe besides this beautiful area has to count as one of the best experiences in the world. And having the opportunity to swim around this breath taking environment should be regarded as a soul healing moment.

The Clement Canopy Pool. Another breath taking view of the Clement Canopy pool and resting areas where the humans are able to bond with the nature without even stepping outside of the building. A very creative project that only the best developers could carry out.

The Clement Canopy Master Bedroom. Being 40 storeys high, the Clement Canopy bedrooms not only offer an astonishing view of the city, they also offer incredible comfort most other condos won’t even dream of.

The Clement Canopy Left Ground. View of the Clement Canopy left ground where we can observe a seamless incorporation of nature inside modern architecture. Even the rooftops have been designed to have grass on them so they merge flawlessly to the overall design.

The Clement Canopy large Swimming Pool. Incredible swimming pool located at the second floor where you are able to enjoy the gardenscapes located below. This swimming pool is the true meaning of relaxation, blending sun, water and natural features together.

The Clement Canopy Kitchen Dining. Seamless and Luxurious Kitchen dining featuring incredible floors and atmosphere. They say there’s nothing like eating in the nature and this fine dining certainly showcases that.

The Clement Canopy Ground Swimming pool. Located on the first floor, this incredibly large swimming pool showcases elements of nature fused into modern architecture. The pool is designed to look like a lake inside the woods with its calm and tranquil atmosphere.

The Clement Canopy Ground Pool. View from above of the Clement Canopy ground pool, here we can observe how the plants and trees and gorgeously imbedded inside the modern design of the building. This design is incredibly innovative and sustainable as well as eye catching and environmentally friendly.

The Clement Canopy Ground. Here we see the Clement Canopy first level, featuring the pool and the base of the building. It certainly looks like it was picked out of nature and was put into an incredibly well design building project.

The Clement Canpy Garden. It might seem random but every element is carefully placed in a way that catches the eye. It gives you calm, and it portraits the power of becoming one with nature.

The Clement Canopy Full Swimming Pool Area. Here in this picture we can observe and review every aspect of the Clement Canopy project coming together. We can see the beautifully illuminated ground swimming pool with its resting areas alongside the base of both towers and the tennis court for the ones that relax by doing sports.

The Clement Canopy facilities. The Clement Canopy project features a variety of facilities such as a forest deck and a pool lounge to make life as enjoyable as possible. The residents of this Condo will have access to every facility in this building, including the tennis court and the kitchen dining.

The Clement Canopy E Dining Dry Kitchen. Beautifully designed kitchen with an open concept and an incredible view to enjoy your every meal. Once the building is finished we can expect the kitchen and appliances to be top quality both in functionality and design.

The Clement Canopy E Bedroom 3. Apartment  E bedroom showcasing an impressive design as well as incredible comfort. The huge windows provide amazing lightning and the mirrors inside help spread it through the entirety of the room; everything placed in there serves a purpose.

The Clement Canopy E Dining Living. Open concept between the dining and the living room not only makes the unit appear bigger but it brings spaces together giving them a harmonious look. Ultimate comfort and design to make sure every unit is pleasing to the eye of the client.

The Clement Canopy E Bedroom. For the kids or for you, there aren’t many things funnier than a floating bed with a desk under it. This one is even made safer with an innovative ladder design that makes it easier for you or your kids to get on and off your bed.

The Clement Canopy Dining. To enjoy the occasional meal at the ground level surrounded by all the nature embedded into the design by the developers. With the amazing lightning and view you are certain to enjoy every bite of your meal.

The Clement Canopy day view. A great representation of a high end condominium with great facilities and commodities. Developed by UOL and Singapore Land, The Clement Canopy is truly a masterpiece in terms of environmentally friendly and sustainable architecture.

The Clement Canopy C1 Dining Living room. Extremely well designed, paying attention to every detail, the C1 Apartments Dining Living room is one of a kind. The way the spaces merge but remain separated by their function is truly a work of art.

The Clement Canopy C1 Lifestyle. Showcasing of the tranquil and calm lifestyle that can be achieved inside the C1 apartments of the Clement Canopy. Every morning you will be able to rise with the sun, which has been proven to enhance your everyday life.

The clement Canopy B2 Bedroom. Incredibly cozy, comfortable, private and intimate, this bedroom is able to capture the essence of peace, offering its owner peaceful nights and workdays. Every feature has a purpose and even the feng shui masters would be jealous of this kind of design.

The Clement Canopy B1 Living Area. This type of apartment features an astonishing design that includes a balcony with an impressive view of the city. The Clement Canopy is certainly one of a kind in the premium housing sector.

The Clement Canopy 4BR Dry Kitchen With Wine Chiller. In this part of the virtual tour, we can see The Clement Canopy 4 bedroom apartment kitchen which includes a wine chiller which you can use on special occasions, or if you are by yourself and want to have some relaxing time.

The Clement Canopy 4BR common bedroom. Here we have another look at the funniest and most innovative bedroom ever. Adult or kid, anyone that manages to get this bedroom is going to have tons of fun climbing that wall or sliding down it.

The Clement Canopy 4BR Balcony Living and Dining Room and Dry Kitchen. Here in this picture showcased in some of the brochures of the Clement Canopy we can observe three spaces merged together with an open concept. Each one of these spaces besides impressive design has its own function which separate them from each other making them shine by their own light.

The Clement Canopy 3BR Master.  Gorgeously designed Master Bedroom for the 3 Bedroom apartment inside the Clement Canopy. This bedroom features all the comforts of a high end apartment and includes an incredible bathroom worth of royalty.

The Clement Canopy 3BR kitchen. Private and intimate this kitchen offers the most high end features and appliances, making cooking a pleasure for everyday. The 3 Bedroom apartment kitchen of the Clement Canopy is designed to give its owner a quiet atmosphere even when they are cooking.

The Clement Canopy 3 BR Common Bedrooms and Bathroom. Incredible comfort and design is what these bedrooms and bathroom offer, these are in fact incredible spaces to rest after a tiring day of work or a fun day of sports.

The Clement Canopy 3 BR Balcony to Living Room. This is the view from the balcony to the living room of the Clement Canopy 3 Bedroom unit. From this angle we can observe the amazing comfort and design showcased by this living room.

The Clement Canopy 2 BR Co Space Open Kitchen. This design features a kitchen blended with the living room space wise, giving the sensation that the apartment is bigger than it actually is. It is an impressive achievement of modern architecture to make spaces seem different depending on how well they are distributed.

The Clement Canopy 2 BR Common Living Room. This render displays a tranquil space that evokes calm. The ample windows offer amazing views for those times when you need to take your mind out of work and relax a bit.

The Clement Canopy 2 BR Common and Co Space  Master Bedrooms. If comfort and looks is what you are looking for, this is the apartment for you. With nature just outside your apartment, these resting areas are going to become like a Zen garden for you, giving you peace of mind and tranquility every time you step inside.

The Clement Canopy 2 BR common and Co Space. Cozy and comfortable living rooms to spend some time chatting with friends. The space is just enough not to feel too small or overwhelmingly big as both situations would make the owner feel uncomfortable.

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