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The Serangoon Community Club

The Serangoon Community Club entrance

A Lot To Know About The Serangoon Community Club

You cannot miss the striking CC with its vivid and colourful windows.

As the only CC to provide a German language lesson and a coffee gourmet class, The Serangoon Community Club is a pioneer in this field. The CC also frequently hosts financial and health presentations provided by financial and health specialists through its Senior Citizens Connect Program (SCP).

The Serangoon Community Club’s architecture

The design of The Serangoon aimed to break away from stereotypes and conventions and create something that would stand out in the urban context rather than just being your average community centre, which typically serves as a shell for holding different activities.

 The Serangoon Community Club Main Façade of the building deviates from the standard community club’s elevation in terms of design. The classroom building has a façade of coloured glass displayed in a geometric arrangement. When lights vibrant façade shines out in its HDB neighbourhood.

Glass construction possible as much natural light likely to enter the interior room minimising the need for artificial lighting. The 108-seat theatrette has an elliptical shape and woven with transparent and porous stainless steel mesh. It situated on the second floor. The famous building’s design has received a lot of attention and offers a solid foundation for reconsidering the architecture of community clubs.

Japanese for beginners at [email protected] (Stage III)

Curriculum Description

Following instruction in basic sentence construction and grammatical rules, participants will learn how to read and write the Hiragana and Katakana characters.

Conditions and Notes:

  • Class intended for current students who have taken Stages I and II and have instructed by Mr. Yamato.
  • $30 in materials is due right away to the trainer.
  • No class October 10′ trainer absence.
  • No class October 24 due to a holiday.
  • Participants must register at the CC counter if they want to use their SkillsFuture Credit for this course. It already possible register online and pay with a debit or credit card.
  • Registration will cancelled if claims not handled or accepted promptly.

Gentle Yoga

Yoga Therapy: A Guide to Therapeutic Application of Yoga and Ayurveda for Health and Fitness, written by A G Mohan and Indra Mohan, is credited for developing. The remarkably adaptable practise combines asanas (postures) with core-strengthening motions, all while utilising efficient breathing and meditation techniques.

Modern Living – Yogilates (Beginners)

Yogalates combines breathing exercises, physical endurance, and flow of Yoga with core strengthening exercises, alignment principles, and appropriate spine warming from Pilates.

Conditions and Notes:

  • Current course.
  • Welcome any new members.

Quilting and patchwork (Advanced)

Using fundamental sewing and quilting methods will assist you in becoming an expert. You will learn how to design your tissue box covers and other works of art! Learners who have mastered the fundamentals of patchwork and quilting intended for this course (elementary).

Conditions and Notes:

The participants must have a pencil, measuring tape, scissors, and their sewing kits, if they have any, or be willing to buy some from the instructor.

Depending on the products and textiles needed, a material cost of about $90 is payable directly to the trainer. Participants are free to buy their supplies.

New Launch Condo

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