The price at which the sale was done was $334.2 million.

The Tre Ver Condo Price

The site for the Tre Ver Avenue was Rainforest Gardens before.

It was selected and bought by the UOL in 2016.

The price at which the sale was done was $334.2 million.

This property that was selected for the Tre Ver project was actually under the HUDC which stands for the Housing and Urban Development Company.

Their development of 175 units was privatized due to the recession and for this decision, every owner received $ 1.89.

So, with these privatizing conditions,  the site was sold and its fate changed to become the grand Tre Vor project.

To decide the cost of a unit in Tre Ver, you have to take a look at the property diagram. If we isolate it into parts, the most costly segment will be the land, followed by the cost of development and material.

To do it in a mindful way, consider it as far as Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) hypothesis we know about from bookkeeping.

Include the regulatory cost, deals and advertising costs, back costs, the edge of benefit etc.and you will calculate the correct offering cost.


Land cost $797
Construction cost $350
Expenses and profit margin $344
Estimated launch price (subjective to changes!) $1,491


The Tre Ver Condo Price 1

Sibor Rate August 2018

We should take the case

The site was bought in June 2015 at the price of $344.86 million.

After being deciphered per square foot (psf), the price per gross floor area increased to $755.

The development costs incorporated the building plan, which was about $350 psf for a mass market apartment suite.

Including them all, you will get the base cost of the undertaking.

Be that as it may, the development cost is diferent from the $350 psf firstly estimated.

It predominantly relies on the extravagance level of condos,

Extravagance apartment suites can cost up to $450 psf and ultra-extravagance condos can cost fundamentally higher.

Take 30% of the base cost and it will cover alternate costs and return benefits for the manufacturer or the designer.

This will make up to about $331 per square foot.

The total will include regulatory costs as well such as: staff costs, rents of the workplace and other managerial offices that will be given by the engineer to the building.

There are also deals and showcasing costs: the cost of showflat building, commissions for land offices, a financial plan for promoting for the advancement, legal advisor charges for conveyancing and so on.

Finally, the back costs: it will incorporate the intrigue cost paid to the budgetary establishments for financing the improvement of the task.

Net revenue will cover the level of benefits that the developer will make for the improvement.

Remember that the prices are susceptible to changes and are currently here for you to have some sort of ability to predict how much it can take.  If there should be an occurrence of raised costs amid the period, designer can audit the cost and roll out improvements in the wake of breaking down the focused market. Check out my Review 

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