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Trees River Home

The Tre Ver is a housing society that has been launched in July 2018. It is also known as the Trees, the River and Homes.

This residential scheme was started by the UOL and UIC.

The main reason behind this name of the property is that the area where this condo now located was previously known as Rainforest Residential Condo.

The place was bought by the UOL group and UIC Corporation collectively.

UOL and UIC are the prestigious prestigious property developers of exclusive residential areas, in Singapore.

They have a lavish history of area development in the Singaporean suburbs.

The Singapore market has been hit by severe recession.

This recession lasted for four long years and badly affected the economy and market of the Singapore.

But then there was fundamental recovery of market in Singapore.

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The Tre Ver Condo 1


Project Name The Tre Ver
District 13
Developer UVD (Projects) Pte. Ltd (JV of UOL Group Ltd and United Industrial Corporation Ltd)
Address 110 Potong Pasir Avenue 1 Singapore 350110
Showflat Location Potong Pasir Avenue (Click here for more)
Developer Sales Hotline +6531389719
Est Indicative Selling Price Range Above S$ psf (Click here for more)
Tenure 99 years
Description The Tre Ver, former Raintree Gardens at Potong Pasir Ave 1, by UOL is going to launch in 2018. Official information like project details, floor plan, price and showflat location can obtained at
No of Units 729 units
Unit Mix 1 Bedroom (482 – 507 sqft)
2 Bedroom (614 – 809 sqft)
3 Bedroom (1003 – 1114 sqft)
4 Bedroom (1342 – 1376 sqft)
No of Blocks TBA
No of Storey TBA
Land Lot No MK17-06521X
Architect WOHA


The government decided to break this spell off the market and came back with exclusive new projects.

Tre Ver is one of those projects that decided the fate of the Singapore market.

With this splendid comeback, the property in Singapore regained its value and many projects were started.

The industry and economy are two main pillars on which any residential area stands. The progress and failure of any housing scheme is greatly affected by them.

After four years of continuous recession, the market of Singapore is now growing and shining much brighter than before.

The industry and economy are also significantly elevating as a result  and this proves beneficial for the residential schemes.

The site for the Tre Ver development has been overviewed by the industry experts.

They have promised the success of the project due to several important reasons.

One of the major reasons is the past record of the developers in the economy and developing history.

The other is the location benefits of the site along Potong Pasir Avenue 1.

There was a sudden increase of 3.9 percent from the former prices of the private residential properties.

It was increased only in a short time duration from January to  March in 2010.

This built up by  0.8 percent over the previous quarter.

This data is provided by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and hence is valid.

The TOP date is expected to be released soon but is yet not decided. Hence, any buyers with specific prospect to use the area should contact us now so that the design of the site can be managed appropriately and their interests can be met. Check The Tre Ver Floor Plan

The Tre Ver Condo Google Street View

The Tre Ver Condo Google Location

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Amazing Reasons to Invest in The Tre Ver

As we know, the project is being developed on the Potong Pasir road.

That road was once occupied by the Rainforest Gardens, hence this is the golden chance for the people to invest in a project like this.

The area is well-known and is already open for the further development.

Moreover, if we take into account the considerably increasing population, investing in this project will be the best decision you can make now.

The success of the project is promising and visible.

The development of the area can be seen by visiting the place and, in the future, it will be developed into an independent, private, residential condominium, with your independent assets.

The Tre Ver Drone Video

The Tre Ver Project Video

The main reason you should be carefree while investing into this project is the developer of the project.

See More about the tre ver developer

They have never failed any project in the past and have developed so many highly successful projects.

Their record can ensure that your money will never be wasted by investing with them.

Nowadays, people are trying to make their surroundings eco-friendly.

The most loved advantage that will attract the people to invest in the project is that the area is non-detrimental and eco-loving.

Therefore, former Rainforest Gardens will be the first choice of people to live in.

The place is the best example of the amalgamation of humans and harmony.

The Tre Ver Entrance

The Tre Ver Condo 8

Down below on the picture, you can see a snippet of the entrance to Tre Ver, showing the  landscape of the project is filled with the captivating gardens and parks.

The greenery is inspiring to every human being.

Another reason to invest in the project is the deep serene nature that fills the place with tranquility.

The Tre Ver Garden

The Tre Ver Condo 9

This project will be transformed into a contemporary building which will include innovative ideas when it comes to its architecture.

It will be affordable for everyone and hence will gain gradual popularity among buyers and sellers.

So invest in time so that you get it!

The Tre Ver Condo 10

The Tre Ver Walking Distance to Potong Pasir MRT

 The residential area will be created in harmony with the nature and serenity of the surrounding environment.

There will be an attempt to design the architecture in accordance with the beautiful natural ecosystem that encompasses the area so that the society here is satisfied both on the level of quality and nature-preservation awareness.

In short, the project is looking forward to a conjoinment of both human and nature’s contentment  to build this housing project.

 The units and their number are an important factor that should be taken into account no matter whether you are engaged into the project as an investor or a buyer.

There is a specific number of units which are being sold over time.

The more units there are, the more you will benefit.

And to get the perks, you need to speed up. Purchase! Invest!

Inside the large, one plot of land, ther will be 9 divisions for the residential area.

These 9 blocks will be broken into 729 parts and each part will be the unit for the residential purpose.

In the previous residential projects launched by the developer, there were maximum 50 units to start with but in this project there will be 729 units from which they will choose.

Even in the previous largest launch they had in Singapore, the Nim Collection, there were 98 units permitted even in the second launch.

This is a great success of UOL and UIC to sell 108 units in the first launch of The Tre Ver condo.

The Tre Ver project was given the riverfront frontage onto the Kallang River which is a rare fate to encounter which contributes to the value of that land.

The land occupies 200m of the unblocked area.

The Tre Ver Condo 11

The Tre Ver Location near Kallang River

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Pricing and Floor Plans

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