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Thomson Plaza

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Things To Know About The Thomson Plaza

Thomson Plaza is a trendy neighbourhood that nonetheless retains its classic beauty. Thomson Plaza is located on the edge of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. The region is renowned for having delicious food and beautiful spaces, with Macritchie Reservoir drawing hikers and a variety of brunch alternatives nearby rewarding the early risers.

So, whether it’s your first visit or you’re returning to old haunts, our guide to things to do and where to eat, drink, and buy will have you navigating Upper Thomson like a pro in no time.

Thomson Plaza Singapore


The Ministry of National Development first approved the idea to create a residential and recreational complex along Upper Thomson Road in 1977 as part of its objective of decentralising business activity away from Singapore’s Central Business District for Thomson Plaza. Development Bank of Singapore, the designated land developer for Thomson Plaza, gave the contract to construct this complex to the Japanese construction firm Ohbayashi Gumi.  Retailers expressed a lot of interest in Thomson Plaza even. Within six months of its opening, 80% of its retail locations lease out. Later, Yaohan, one-stop departmental shopping in Japan, became interested in Thomson Plaza.

Thomson Plaza Mall


In keeping with the neighbourhood surrounding the Thomson region, Thomson Plaza is relatively low-rise and constructed over 22,400 square metres (241,000 sq ft) of land. Thomson Plaza was one of the first public structures built with accessibility in mind from the start. In addition to the typical escalators, ramps include in the construction of the retail centre to permit wheelchair users freely move between the various floors of the complex. Other wheelchair-accessible amenities in the facility include big restroom stalls and door levers that make it simple for those with hand-control issues to operate doors throughout the building. 

Thomson Plaza Supermarket

Reservoir MacRitchie

Even if you venture off the main path and travel an 11-kilometre journey that takes you deep into the rainforest, there is always something new to learn about MacRitchie Reservoir. You sure catch more than just a fleeting glimpse of the eight reptile species, the other 80 bird species, and the playful monkeys. A leisurely paddle in a kayak or canoe is an undervalued attraction, even though the Treetop Walk is unquestionably a highlight not to miss.

Thomson Plaza Food Court

Upper Seletar Reservoir

This reservoir park is located in Singapore’s north and is ideal for an evening stroll or jogging through the countryside. The rocket ship lookout tower is a standout feature of this 15-acre area. By ascending the tower’s winding stairs, you can burn a few calories while getting a brief cardio exercise and rewards with an aerial view of the park’s water feature and surrounding vegetation.

Thomson Plaza Interior

Park at Lower Seletar Reservoir

Take a stroll or a jog across this park that overlooks Lower Seletar Reservoir. A fishing jetty, a People’s Association Water Venture location that rents kayaks and a water park are among the facilities and attractions. The waterpark near the reservoir will be a hit with the kids.

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