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Guide to know about the Thomson Road Baptist Church

Thomas Road was founded in 1956 by a group of 35 people, Jerry Falwell, and presently has more than 24,200 members. The Old-Time Gospel Hour, a nationally syndicated religious program, was broadcast from the church until 2004. Only Lynchburg residents can currently see this show. Selected sermons from Thomas Road Baptist Church’s pulpit are now broadcast nationally on the syndicated show Live from Liberty University. Senior pastor Falwell, who founded the church, presided over it until his passing in 2007. 

Jonathan Falwell gets unanimously chosen by the congregation to take over his father’s duties as senior pastor of the church at a special business meeting convened by the board of deacons on June 3, 2007. Jerry Falwell established Lynchburg Baptist College by selling bonds to a group of private investors. The Thomson Road Baptist Church prevailed in a 1973 federal court action brought by the SEC; the court cleared the church and determined that there had been no deliberate wrongdoing.

Team & Staff:

Dr. Anthony Slutz -​pastor Emeritus:

For 40 years, Pastor Anthony Slutz was the lead pastor at Thomson Road Baptist Church (1979-2019). He and his wife Ellen have three children and seven grandchildren between them. He is from Iowa, and they wed Ellen Beshears in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, in 1965. Before this, Pastor Slutz was the pastor of the Gideon Baptist Church in Wichita, Kansas, and the Liberty Baptist Church in Newton, Kansas. He was the previous president and trustee of the Indiana Fundamental Baptist Fellowship of Churches, and he currently serves on several mission boards.

Joel Stevens – Pastor:

Joel, a native of Wisconsin, was raised in a pastor’s home before enrolling at Maranatha Baptist University and Seminary, where he earned a Master of Divinity and a B.A. in Biblical Studies. Sarah, Joel’s wife, was raised in Singapore while serving as a missionary there with the Pat Delaney family. 

Assistant Pastor: Jeremy Woodruff:

The Woodruffs are from Raleigh, North Carolina, and they started working at Thompson Road in the summer of 2019. Jeremy was educated at Bob Jones University and got a B.A. in Biblical Studies, an M.A. in Pastoral Studies, and a Master of Divinity. He gets reared in a household run by a pastor. Currently, Stephanie works as our church’s secretary.

Are you trying to find the closest station or stop to Thomson Road Baptist Church? 

Check out this list of stations that are most convenient for your location: Newton Rd – Newton Life CH (40129); Thomson Rd – United Sq/Bef Novena Stn (50021); Thomson Rd – Opp United Sq (50029); Novena (NS20); Farrer Park; Bt Timah Rd – Aft Makepeace Rd (40029); Moulmein Rd – Revival Ctr CH (50111); Moulmein Rd – St. Michael’s Sch ( (NE8).You may get to Thomson Road Baptist Church via bus or subway. The following lines and routes have nearby stops:

  • Bus: 166, 56, 67, 851, 980
  • Metro:  North East Line, North South Line, Downtown Line

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