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What to Know About Tiong Bahru Park Playground

The Tiong Bahru Park Playground is a must-see for any Top Outdoor Playground list. You’ll understand why if you’ve been to the park or seen the playground. The tilting train is the Tiong Bahru Park Playground primary draw, which is not just another worthy site but also allows kids to climb, run, and slide in a topsy-turvy setting. It’s no surprise that the youngsters on the train act up!

Tiong Bahru Park Playground Singapore

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The Tiong Bahru Park Playground, located in the heart of Tiong Bahru Park, is a one-of-a-kind train playground that your children will love.

Tiong Bahru Park Playground Features

This Tiong Bahru Park Playground is set in a Large sandbox and includes a raised rocking train. You can climb the stairwell or utilize the ladders/ropes to go to the top of the train. Following that, you must maneuver through each waggon, which tilts at various angles. From the several slides, you can quickly depart. It’s best for youngsters who are a little older.
The merry-go-round and various spring riders are also fun for younger children. A few swings, a flying fox, and monkey bars are available on the playground.

A pond with a few resident terrapins gets located near the playground. Don’t forget to look for dragonflies and mudskippers.

There are shady trees in various areas of this playground, as well as seating and car parking. Toilets get located in a different buildings.

Tiong Bahru Park Playground Swing


There are shady trees in various playground areas and seats and parking. You’ll be relieved to know that Tiong Bahru Park has a restroom.

The Tilting Train at Tiong Bahru Park Playground.

An engine, three carriages, and a caboose are part of the Tiong Bahru Park railway playground. The wood-clad carriages and caboose trail after it at an angle because the engine gets elevated above the playground sandy dirt. It is a newer model of the train. Tiong Bahru Park Playground was closed for renovations in late 2017 and reopened in September 2018 with this updated version of the train.

It’s a Chaotic, fun house inside the train, making it one of our favorite Singapore outdoor playgrounds. As you struggle to stay upright and go forward while walking from one end of the train to the other, you’ll have plenty of funny fun. 

Parts of the playground get upgraded with new handholds and netting. The engine has a bell up top, and children may climb to the very front. Ladders and stairways lead up to the train from the ground level. One set of steps leads up into the locomotive engine at the front of the train, while another leads up into the locomotive engine at the back.

There are several methods to board the train in the areas in between. Young explorers, for example, can use a ramp with handholds and a rope to attempt to board the train. Getting out is a lot easier. Blast down one of the train’s tube slides or the open slides toward the back. In front of the Tiong Bahru Park Train, a pair of green chairs that look like railway tracks can get discovered.

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