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To Know More About Toa Payoh Chinese Methodist Church

The Toa Payoh Chinese Methodist Church not designed, funded, or constructed by its people. Instead, Toa Payoh Chinese Methodist Church was founded thanks to the joint funding of the Foo Chow Methodist Church and other Methodist congregations. Faith Methodist Church formed a group to start a church on September 8, 1971. The church building project finished in August 1973, and on August 14, 1977, it became a local conference. The two panels signed a memorandum of understanding for the church restoration in 2005 after both the English and Mandarin pastors and leaders saw a vision in 1988.


Bishop Wee Boon Hup presided over the sanctuary dedication service on August 31, 2013, following the start of the reconstruction works in March 2008. The Toa Payoh Chinese Methodist Church Chinese Worship Service, the Hokkien Service, and New Life Worship are the three worship services now offered by Toa Payoh Chinese Methodist Church. Toa Payoh Chinese Methodist Church’s mission statement reads, “Lead People to the Lord, to be the Lord’s Disciples.” We ask that God’s grace will lead people to Him so they can experience salvation and worship Christ Jesus, who has given all power in heaven and on earth. We also ask that God will continue to raise pastors, leaders, and members to enter society and shine for Christ.

Blessing And Music

Our goal in the worship and music ministry is to bring people into God’s presence. In a private moment of God and His children being together, this point of encounter is where heaven and earth merge. We don’t seek God’s presence out of selfish ambition. We firmly believe there is power in God’s presence and that anyone brought into it will experience freedom and rest. Additionally, it is a location where our Heavenly Father shows His love to His children and gives them a chance to return that love.

Toa Payoh Chinese Methodist Church 


Our goal in the hospitality ministry is to spread “Kingdom Hospitality.” We make Toa Payoh Methodist Church feel welcoming and comfortable for visitors and regular worshipers to feel appreciated and cherished.

We serve the Lord by serving others, and vice versa. Together, we Love-Grow-Serve.

The worship service and church events shaped and influenced the hospitality ministry’s opinion. Representing God others is our purpose to be channels of God’s love through our words and deeds. Ushers and the breakfast team make up the team, which is a part of the hospitality ministry.


Toa Payoh Chinese Methodist Church’s Filipino congregation hopes that everyone will see Christianity as a relationship with the Almighty God rather than just a religion. Every Filipino living in Singapore should consider the Filipino Ministry their home. We are aware of the needs of our fellow citizens, and with the help of the Holy Spirit and the Church as a whole, we desire service to them in whatever way we can. We want to be a family in Christ and a home away from home for every Filipino living in Singapore.


The Healing Ministry is a group of Spirit-filled Christians who want to show how God’s grace can provide wholeness, love, and healing to those who are brokenhearted, physically ill, or emotionally wounded.

The healing ministry develops people’s capacity to hear God and pray by His will through mentoring and instructing through classes, workshops, and home visits. 

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