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Toa Payoh West Community Club

Toa Payoh West Community Club

How do you engage seniors in the Toa Payoh West Community Club?

On July 28, 2001, Mr. Wong Kan Seng, Minister of Home Affairs, Deputy Chairman of the People’s Association, and Grassroots Advisor for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC, gave the Toa Payoh West Community Club it is formal opening. Seniors need to be taken outside and kept active for their physical, psychological, and emotional health benefits, and Toa Payoh West Community Club is here to help. A list of enjoyable activities that anyone can begin right away get included in our senior living handbook, which we have put together.

Exercise Classes in Groups:

To increase flexibility and balance, essential for reducing falls in older individuals, group exercises like yoga, tai chi, or Feldenkrais are enjoyable and social activities. Some communities provide chair exercise sessions for elderly persons with arthritis, while others give water aerobics classes.

Walking Groups:

A senior can easily stay active by taking a stroll around the neighborhood, which can also be an opportunity to meet new people. Some clubs like Toa Payoh West Community Club, even provide transportation so that club members can stroll along a walking path or in a neighboring park.

Horticulture clubs:

A great outdoor activity that keeps you active and social is gardening. Seniors can unwind and relax by working in the dirt, planting seeds, and weeding. In addition, they get to enjoy the fruits of their effort, such as lovely flowers or delicate vegetables.

Book Clubs:

If the senior in your life enjoys reading, chances are good that they’d like the choice to discuss a book with others. Book clubs not only assist seniors in their efforts to stay mentally bright, aware, and connected to the outside world, but they also have a significant social component.

Sound Therapy:

There is no denying that music has a healing effect, particularly on people who have dementia. Some assisted living facilities use certified music therapists to provide small-group cognitive stimulation and entertainment. Seniors with a background in music may even be able to join in events that offer entertainment or music therapy to their friends and neighbors in some places.

Life-Story Activities:

There may be no hobby more meaningful for seniors than writing down or compiling their images and memorabilia into a scrapbook of their unique life stories. Not only do they preserve a piece of history, but they also have the opportunity to consider their own experiences.

Are you trying to find the closest station or stop to the Toa Payoh West Community Club?

Look at this list of stations that are the closest to where you’re going: Lor 6 Toa Payoh – Toa Payoh Int (52009), Marymount (CC16), and Caldecott (Cc17|Te9) are among the nearby addresses. Lor 1 Toa Payoh – Blk 128 (52159); Novena (NS20); Lor 2 Toa Payoh – Blk 138b (52191); Lor 2 Toa Payoh – Toa Payoh Stn (52189); Lor 2 Toa Payo.You may get to the Toa Payoh West Community Club by bus or subway. Stops along the lines and schedules listed below are nearby:

  • Bus: 105, 129, 143, 153, 232

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