Top 10 Primay Schools In SG & Tips To Get Into Them


10 tips for getting good school in Singapore

Primary education is the foundation stone of a child’s academic pathway. Therefore, every parent in Singapore undergoes a stressful time to select the best school for their child because academic achievement is one of the key component of holistic success. None of the schools are officially ranked as such, so the parents seek through the schools’ past records and achievements to decide the best one for their children.

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The ministry of education in Singapore has declared compulsory primary education for all and students should be given a good grasp over English Language, Mathematics and their mother tongue.

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✅ Nanyang Primary School
✅ Rosyth School
✅ ACS Primary
✅ Raffles Girl’s Primary School
✅ Many more
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Primary School rankings

The following rankings are based on Phase 2B remaining places


SLSchool Name202020192018Gender
1CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School202010Girls
2Catholic High School21209Boys
3Nan Hua Primary School202012Co-ed
4Nanyang Primary School20205Co-ed
5Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School20208Co-ed
6Red Swastika School202010Co-ed
7Rosyth School20207Co-ed
8Temasek Primary School202014Co-ed
9Methodist Girls’ School272114Girls
10Rulang Primary School202210Co-ed
11Riverside Primary School272331Co-ed
12West Spring Primary School322335Co-ed
13Junyuan Primary School422422Co-ed
14Punggol Green Primary School302536Co-ed
15Yu Neng Primary School212516Co-ed
16Eunos Primary School502670Co-ed
17Pei Chun Public School21277Co-ed
19Shuqun Primary School222937Co-ed
20Westwood Primary School202925Co-ed
21Ai Tong School20306Co-ed
22Fairfield Methodist School243212Co-ed
23Henry Park Primary School20327Co-ed
24Jurong Primary School253324Co-ed
25Juying Primary School483390Co-ed
26Radin Mas Primary School213311Co-ed
27River Valley Primary School303327Co-ed
28Frontier Primary School203410Co-ed
29Pasir Ris Primary School283423Co-ed
30Singapore Chinese Girls’ School243417Girls
31Tao Nan School203412Co-ed
32Blangah Rise Primary School753677Co-ed
33Jing Shan Primary School403634Co-ed
34Xingnan Primary School573740Co-ed
35Gongshang Primary School203812Co-ed
36South View Primary School25387Co-ed
37Innova Primary School433950Co-ed
38Keming Primary School443930Co-ed
39Woodlands Primary School433930Co-ed
40Princess Elizabeth Primary School204031Co-ed
41West Grove Primary School534037Co-ed
42White Sands Primary School394026Co-ed
43Opera Estate Primary School394148Co-ed
44Woodgrove Primary School524138Co-ed
45CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh)354222Girls
46Chongzheng Primary School274225Co-ed
47Angsana Primary School1034383Co-ed
48Evergreen Primary School494344Co-ed
50Sengkang Green Primary School264320Co-ed
51Bukit Panjang Primary School464430Co-ed
52Changkat Primary School744464Co-ed
53East Spring Primary School594457Co-ed
54North View Primary School594445Co-ed
55Yangzheng Primary School454417Co-ed
56Ang Mo Kio Primary School704571Co-ed
57Holy Innocents’ Primary School414510Co-ed
58Jurong West Primary School414543Co-ed
59Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School374516Co-ed
59Maha Bodhi School55439Co-ed
60St. Gabriel’s Primary School554555Boys
61Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)264615Boys
61Anglo-Chinese School252813Boys
62Chongfu School404612Co-ed
63Fengshan Primary School314649Co-ed
64Guangyang Primary School644683Co-ed
65Jiemin Primary School514640Co-ed
66Tampines Primary School414650Co-ed
67Yumin Primary School504651Co-ed
68Anderson Primary School304712
69Canossa Convent Primary School394767Girls
70Teck Ghee Primary School554740Co-ed
71Zhonghua Primary School744780Co-ed
72Casuarina Primary School504845Co-ed
73Hong Wen School504813Co-ed
74Qihua Primary School694870Co-ed
75Xinmin Primary School384826Co-ed
76St. Anthony’s Primary School374930Co-ed
77Tanjong Katong Primary School464960Co-ed
78CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel545055Girls
79Dazhong Primary School525073Co-ed
80St. Andrew’s Junior School665020Boys
81First Toa Payoh Primary School805185Co-ed
82Kong Hwa School42519Co-ed
83Montfort Junior School465168Boys
84Zhenghua Primary School565151Co-ed
85Canberra Primary School575220Co-ed
86Elias Park Primary School425251Co-ed
87Fuhua Primary School565258Co-ed
88Park View Primary School635273Co-ed
89Admiralty Primary School495321Co-ed
90Northland Primary School385312Co-ed
91Springdale Primary School535342Co-ed
92Alexandra Primary School465453Co-ed
93Huamin Primary School605457Co-ed
94Marsiling Primary School745480Co-ed
95Si Ling Primary School685468Co-ed
96Unity Primary School795451Co-ed
97Haig Girls’ School585550Girls
98Maris Stella High School (Primary Section)505516Boys
99Sembawang Primary School535562Co-ed
100Yew Tee Primary School775561Co-ed
101Yishun Primary School485560Co-ed
102Bendemeer Primary School555661Co-ed
103Damai Primary School655679Co-ed
104St. Hilda’s Primary School20567Co-ed
105Farrer Park Primary School695778Co-ed
106Oasis Primary School405774Co-ed
107Peiying Primary School475767Co-ed
108Townsville Primary School855775Co-ed
109Cantonment Primary School795867Co-ed
110Nan Chiau Primary School725917Co-ed
111Hougang Primary School526032Co-ed
112Punggol View Primary School226048Co-ed
113Queenstown Primary School756060Co-ed
114St. Joseph’s Institution Junior586021Boys
115Bukit View Primary School886171Co-ed
116Greenwood Primary School706158Co-ed
117Kranji Primary School846175Co-ed
118Punggol Cove Primary School576170Co-ed
119Woodlands Ring Primary School576160Co-ed
120Meridian Primary School896274Co-ed
121Rivervale Primary School736230Co-ed
122Stamford Primary School586285Co-ed
123Zhangde Primary School636246Co-ed
124Lakeside Primary School636335Co-ed
125Mayflower Primary School666367Co-ed
126Xinghua Primary School1116376Co-ed
127Corporation Primary School736466Co-ed
128Punggol Primary School596448Co-ed
129West View Primary School696481Co-ed
130Bukit Timah Primary School736578Co-ed
131Ngee Ann Primary School656530Co-ed
132St. Margaret’s Primary School626544Girls
133Yio Chu Kang Primary School966580Co-ed
134Yuhua Primary School876574Co-ed
135CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace666661Girls
136De La Salle School606645Co-ed
137Endeavour Primary School726658Co-ed
138Gan Eng Seng Primary School756655Co-ed
139Greenridge Primary School786650Co-ed
140Pioneer Primary School466663Co-ed
141Telok Kurau Primary School856670Co-ed
142CHIJ (Katong) Primary616741Girls
143Fernvale Primary School706764Co-ed
144North Spring Primary School876775Co-ed
145Chua Chu Kang Primary School566849Co-ed
146Edgefield Primary School676861Co-ed
147Lianhua Primary School886874Co-ed
148Qifa Primary School466934Co-ed
149CHIJ (Kellock)677046Girls
150Poi Ching School537024Co-ed
151Palm View Primary School867148Co-ed
152Tampines North Primary School747170Co-ed
153Beacon Primary School997264Co-ed
154Compassvale Primary School697239Co-ed
154Concord Primary School567341Co-ed
155Fuchun Primary School387254Co-ed
157Teck Whye Primary School917371Co-ed
158Bedok Green Primary School777467Co-ed
159Naval Base Primary School817455Co-ed
160Raffles Girls’ Primary School527442Girls
161St. Stephen’s School857445Boys
162Anchor Green Primary School517561Co-ed
163Clementi Primary School757542Co-ed
164Kheng Cheng School677548Co-ed
165Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)687525Girls
166CHIJ Our Lady of The Nativity737638Girls
167Geylang Methodist School (Primary)757850Co-ed
168North Vista Primary School687958Co-ed
169New Town Primary School1108273Co-ed
170Waterway Primary School468275Co-ed
171Cedar Primary School888368Co-ed
172Fern Green Primary School518392Co-ed
173Marymount Convent School968361Girls
174Xishan Primary School498369Co-ed
175Pei Tong Primary School738468Co-ed
176St. Anthony’s Canossian Primary School898468Girls
177Wellington Primary School468567Co-ed
178Seng Kang Primary School758770Co-ed
179Boon Lay Garden Primary School879071Co-ed
180Horizon Primary School469156Co-ed
181Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School979270Co-ed
182Mee Toh School709327Co-ed
183Northoaks Primary School899373Co-ed
184Greendale Primary School11010674Co-ed
185Valour Primary School132110Co-ed

The top 10 Primary Schools in Singapore are:

Raffles Girls’ Primary School

Top Schools in Singapore

Raffles Girls’ Primary School: This school believes that every child matters and the best facility should be provided to each and every child. The school aims to empower women to be leaders of character and service and nurtures them to the peak of excellence. The school visions to create a vibrant community of creative thinkers who can bring in a change to the society through lifelong learning and moral values. The core values of this institution are- gratitude, integrity, creativity, graciousness, responsibility and resilience. Over 150 years, this school and her pupils have strived together like a team to build better lives thus making it to the top 10 primary schools in Singapore for a considerate period of time.

Raffles Girls’ Primary School is as the name suggests, a school for girls only, with no boys allowed.

The idea of this school is that of moulding these young girls into successful women of the future.

They encourage all of the girls to be creative and learn strong leadership values, while also instilling in them that they strive to become the best person that they can possibly be.

When picking a school for your child, you are also going to need to pick the right place to live, and there are some nice condos in and around the Raffles Girls’ Primary School area.

Among the best of these options would have to be the Fourth Avenue Residences Condominium, Wilshire Residences Condominium, and Dunearn Court, to name just a few.

Be sure to look at more than a few, to be sure you choose the right condo for you and your family.

Radin Mas Primary School

Primary School Student

Radin Mas Primary School is another mixed school, which looks to develop both boys and girls alongside one another.

Here the main aim is to make sure that the students develop an understanding of, not only working hard, but also playing hard too, making sure that each one of the children who leave the school is better equipped to face their future.

Things can get a little bit tricky, when looking for the right place to live in the surrounding areas of the Radin Mas Primary School but, with that said, there are some nice condos available in the area.

Among the best for you to choose from would have to be the Avenue South Residence Condominium Complex, the Harbour Suites, and The Pearl @ Mount Faber, although you could still look further afield if you so wish.

Tao Nan School

Tao Nan School

Tao Nan School: This school trains their pupil to be passionate about learning, be self-directed and life-long learners with adequate knowledge, skills, attitude and values to face challenges in future. The students are also taught to learn to care for self, community, family, nation and environment. They must be grounded, appreciative of others and be committed to serve the society. They espouse to inculcate core values in children by creating them independent, self-directed learners and develop bilingualism with an appreciation in Chinese culture.

Maris Stella High School

top primary schools

We have already spoken about some of all girls schools we have here in Singapore but the Maris Stella High School is actually an all-boys school, where they aim to make gentlemen of these you boys.

The boys who attend this school will learn to become trustworthy, loyal and honest men. They bring a mixture of faith and culture in their learnings, in order to make sure that these boys become the best men society can hope for.

When it comes to finding a nice condo to live in around the areas of the Maris Stella High School, there are quite a few options but not all of them are going to be to your liking.

However, if we had to pick the top three in the area, then we would have to suggest the La Dolce Vita Apartment Building, or The Gazania Condominium Complex, The Lilium condo,  They are the best in the area.

Nan Hua Primary School

Nan Hua Primary School

Nan Hua Primary School: The school started as an institution only for the girls, but later on, it opened its gates for both boys and girls. This school also comes under the Gifted Education Program and helps students to learn more in smaller groups and work together like a team. The school focuses on overall moral development and abides by 8 core values. It teaches the children to pledge loyalty the nation, serve humanity with utmost sincerity, show courtesy to others, demonstrate love for all mankind without discrimination, value filial piety as the greatest virtue, practice integrity, realise sense-of-shame in wrong doings and rectify them with courage and uphold righteousness.

Pasir Ris Primary School

Student doing maths questions

Another mixed school, Pasir Ris Primary School prides itself on the fact that they know that nurturing a child is not entirely down to the education system.

It is for this reason that the school aims to work closely with the parents of the students, in order to make sure that the students are ready for the wonders of the world, upon completing their education and embarking on their future.

Again, there are quite a few different condos which you can look at in the areas surrounding the Pasir Ris Primary School.

However, when it comes to choosing the best quality condos in this area, then you will want to take a look at The Jovell Condominium Complex, the Kent Ridge Hill residences Condominium Complex, and The Tre Ver Condominium Complex, Park Colonialas they offer the best value for money in the area.

Rosyth School

Rosyth School

Rosyth School: The motto of the school is to learn with passion, serve with compassion and lead with a vision. The school missionizes to maximise the potential of the students through the development of mind, soul and body. The core values of the school is to learn how to care and share, put integrity before anything, have gratitude towards others, show resilience and have respect towards others and inculcate entrepreneurial spirit. The Gifted Education Program (GEP) of this school helps to divide students into small groups and challenge them by various concepts, knowledge and skills so that they learn majorly through interdisciplinary approaches.

schools in Singapore

Rosyth School is a mixed school, which does not only focusing on moulding the minds of these young people in their school, but also trying to encourage the development of their body and their soul.

One of the biggest things that this school tries to do with their students, is to give these children an entrepreneurial understanding so that they can really make the most of their future.

When it comes to the condos available in and around the Rosyth School, there are a number of different possibilities, including the Terrasse Condominium Complex, The Florence ResidencesAffinity At Serangoon Condominium, and the Rosyth Ville Condominium Complex.

All three of these offer a nice comfortable living space for you and your family, with the size dependant on the number of occupants.

Anglo-Chinese Primary School

Anglo Chinese Primary School

Anglo-Chinese Primary School: They also offer GEP and through all endeavours they hope that the pupils will serve one another humbly in love. Their mission is to provide an all-round education and bring out the best in every child, develop their potential to the fullest by developing a strong moral character and imbibing Christian values. They envision to produce gentlemen of creativity, character and capability. IT roots on academic excellence and Christian services.

St. Hilda’S Primary School

mixed school of both boys and girls

Hilda’s Primary School: One of the top 10 primary schools in Singapore, is St. Hilda’s Primary School. This Anglican School is committed to provide development of mind, body and spirit and create god fearing citizens for the nation. Established in 1934, this school has contributed in enriching dynamic community leaders who are successfully contributing to the society. The vision to nurture pupils to become loyal citizens and develop godly character. Their values are to show care and concern to others, make friends and be a proud Hildan and Singaporean. They wish to instil in the minds of the children to put others before self and be self-motivated and reflective learners.

St. Hilda’s Primary School brings us yet another mixed school of both boys and girls, with the school looking to do the same as every other school and then some.

This school is an Anglican school and, as well as wanting to teach their students to become one with their mind, body and spirit, they also make it their aim to remind the children to be wise, be responsible and, most of all, always stay humble, no matter what.

For those of you looking to send your children to this school, you might find that there are not a huge amount of living facilities in the area, although there is certainly a handful which you will want to take a look at.

The first place of residence you will want to check out is Treasure At Tampines, while Waterview is also very beautiful, with Arc at Tampines offering a very comfortable place to live for you and the family.

CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School

CHIJ St Nicholas Primary School

CHIJ St Nicholas Primary School: Another prime institution in the top primary schools in Singapore, is the CHIJ St. Nicholas Primary School which is an all girls’ institution who believes in holistic education, giving a vibrant school life to the children, creating joyful learners and focusing on academics as well as aesthetics of learning. This school follows the CCE framework and focuses on bilingualism- English and Chinese and also encourages students to enrol in multiple co-curricular clubs and societies to make them competent leaders and indulge in value in action.
best young ladies in all of Singapore
Chij St. Nicholas Girls’ School doing their very best to make sure that they make the best young ladies in all of Singapore.

Religion is probably one of the biggest and most key points for this school, with the students having to make sure that they have the Lord in their hearts and soul at all times. This, along with the curriculum, is set to make strong, independent women from these young girls.

Now you are going to want to make sure that you are not located too far from the school and there are three condominium complexes which are located nearby for you to consider.

The first condo you are going to want to get a viewing at is Jade Scape, while the Horizon Gardens are also a very impressive property, with the Bishan Park Condominium also having a very solid reputation.

Gongshang Primary School

choosing a particular school for children

The Gongshang Primary School is yet another mix of boys and girls, coming together to learn alongside one another, with the staff there to ensure that these children become the best they can possibly be.

You of the key importances for this school, is to make sure that, as well as developing a passion for learning and having a strong love for their country, these children also have a happy and a safe place to become great individuals.

Once you have decided that Gongshang Primary School is definitely the school you are going to send your child to, you will then need to start looking for the best place for the family to live.

When looking for a new condo in and around the area, you will definitely want to consider the possibility of moving into a condo at The Jovell, Treasure At Tampines, both of which offer some great and homely units.

Nanyang Primary School

Nanyang Primary School

Nanyang Primary School: One of the top 10 schools of Singapore, Nanyang visions to teach children how to learn character and lead in action. It teaches their children how to achieve the fullest potential within a bicultural environment that is steeped in prudence, diligence, respectability and simplicity, thereby enabling them to contribute their best to the society. The school aims to incorporate six main values- responsibility, respect, integrity, resilience, Harmony and Care among its pupils and focuses both on academic and co-curricular activities for all round development.

Singapore best schools

While pretty much boasting of doing the same things as most of the other schools, the Nanyang Primary School also takes pride in something slightly different to some, although their primary focus is always the children.

With that said, when taking a closer look at Nanyang Primary School, you notice that they pride themselves on being one of the most diverse and multicultural schools in the whole of Singapore.

If that is what you are looking for and you choose Nanyang Primary School, then you are going to need to find a good place to live close to the school.

Among the best condos available in the area would have to be Wilshire Residences, which is actually one of the few condos in the country to boast a 5 star rating, as well as the Gallop Green and Adam Place, which aren’t quite as highly rated but still good quality.

Ai Tong School

key importances for the school

When it comes to choosing a top school for your child to attend, you could do worse than the Ai Tong School, although saying that, you could also do a lot better too.

That is not to put down this growing and exciting school, as Ai Tong School does still deliver on its promises to nurture your children and to instill in them a great character which will hold them in good stead for the future.

As you may have guessed, we are not going to look at some of the condos in the area and there are a few to choose from. However, if you are really looking for a top quality condo then you might be hard fetched to find one.

Fortunately, though, there are a few which are not too far away from the school, with the Seraya Residences probably being the best of the bunch, followed by Thomson Three Condo and the Bishan Point.

Catholic High School

Catholic High School Primary

Catholic High School Primary: One of Singapore’s highly regarded institution, this is a catholic school but enrols both Catholics and non-Catholics. The school has been chosen as the top primary schools in Singapore by Ministry of Education (MOE) and it envisions to acquire competence in bilingualism- English and Chinese. As a Special Assistance Planned School, it offers the Dual Track Programme (both O-Level Programme and Integrated Program). The school experiences a strong curriculum in academic distinctions, sports and aesthetics excellence, leadership and character development. It takes pride in its staff who received accolades from MOE, Singapore.

interesting primary school in singapore

It is quite clear to know that the Catholic High School is a very religious school but there is so much more to this school than just that. Also don’t be fooled by the name.

In a lot of cases, the term high school refers to a secondary school but, while the Catholic High School does have a secondary school, it also caters for those of the primary school age and offers a great academic program for all.

When it comes to the right condo to live in, there are plenty scattered around the area, with some of them being within a reasonable walking distance to the Catholic High School.

There are plenty to choose from here but our favourite would have to be the Clover by the Park, simply for the fact that you are right on the beautiful park. That aside, you could also do well to check out the Jade Scape and the Sky Vue.

Kong Hwa School

choose a top school for your child

You might think that, with this school being so far down on the list, it is not going to be the right school for your child, but this is not necessarily the case for the Kong Hwa School, as it is better than it might seem.

The academic program and the curriculum here are very exciting and impressive and this is definitely a school on the up. In that respect, the timing could be right to send your child here.

If you do feel that the Kong Hwa School is the right fit for you and your family, then the next step will be for you to find the condo which will suit your needs for the coming years.

It is probably fair to say that the Kong Hwa School has the most condos in such close proximity, with a huge amount of options and possibilities. Among the best would have to be The Amber ParkAmber 45, and One Meyer Condo.

Methodist Girls’ School

girls school for your chield

Finally we have for you the Methodist Girls’ School which, as you no doubt guessed, is a school only for girls. As well as having a very interesting primary school to their name, they also boast a secondary school too.

With that in mind, if you choose to send your daughter to the Methodist Girls’ School, once they have finished there, they can then make the easy move up from the primary school to the secondary school.

Once again, there are options available for your housing, if you do choose to send your daughter to the Methodist Girls’ School. Among these are the Mayfair Garden, and the Juniper Hill Apartments, among others.

Chongfu Primary School

Chongfu Primary School was initially a school just for girls but changed their rules to begin also accepting boys too. One of the biggest aims of this school is to encourage their children to feel a strong sense of patriotism, while also giving them a wider outlook on the world as a whole.

This school looks to prepare its students for their future, by focusing on their five most important areas; aesthetics, moral, social, intellectual and physical.

Now we would have to say that, when it comes to the selection of condos in the area surround the Chongfu Primary School, the options are quite limited, which you could probably see as a positive, as it means less to look around.

However, you do still have the Yishun Emerald Condominium Complex, and the Symphony Suites, which are both very good value for money.

Rulang Primary School

Once again we have yet another mixed school, with the very impressive Rulang Primary School. With this school, much like all of the others, the idea is to make sure to nurture the students, while also giving them the inspiration to become excellent and empowered individuals.

This school has a strong belief that, with the right amount of input, each and every child can go on to greatness.

Now when it comes to the Rulang Primary School, there are plenty of condos and apartments available in and around the area, so you might want to take your time and look around, before making your final decision.

With that said, you first might want to take a look at the Lakeshore Condominium, the Lakeville Condo, and the Block 15 Condominium Complex, as these are the best of the bunch.

Temasek Primary School

Another of the impressive and exciting schools on this list is Temasek Primary School, which aspires to make sure that the students enjoy learning and continue to learn long after they have left.

The students who go here are encouraged to become versatile people who will go on to make some very effective contributions to society in the future.

When it comes to the condos near primary schools in the country, it is probably fair to say that some of the best you can find is near the Temasek Primary School, with some great options available to you.

With that said, you are probably going to find that you are best off taking a look at places in the Country Park Condominium, the Bayshore Park Condo, or the Bedok Court. You are sure to find something you like here.

Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School

When it comes to Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School, you really are getting a place where your child is going to know what it means to become successful in all areas of life.

This school makes sure that the students leave, not only having learnt the true meaning of Christian values and a strong love of God, but also a strong sense of self-love and self-discipline too.

If you are a strongly religious family then this school might just be for you.

While you might think that there are plenty of condos for you to look at in and around the Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School, the fact of the matter is that your options are actually quite limited here.

With that said, your best bet is going to be taking a look at places such as the Bishan Loft, the Goldenhill Park Condominium, and The Chuan, as these are probably the best value for money in the area.

Northland Primary School, Yishun

Northland Primary School in Yishun is another of the mixed schools in Singapore but it is also a very good school to send your child to. This school boasts one of the best academic foundations found in the country.

The there curriculum is challenging, yet rewarding and any student who goes to this school can guarantee that they are going to leave with all the tools required for a hugely successful future.

With the Northland Primary School being so close to the reservoir, you can get some really lovely condos with some beautiful views, all within a reasonable distance of the school.

Among the better ones of those available would have to be the Skies Miltonia Condominium Complex, the Orchid Park Condominium Complex, and The Canopy Condominium Complex, although there are quite a few to choose in this area.

Xishan Primary School

As you can probably guess, we have another mixed school for you here, with the Xishan Primary School, which pretty much offers the same as all of those which have come before.

With that said, the school does insist that it will strive to ensure that the children in its care will ignite the passion within each and every one of them, showing them all that they have what it takes to reach for their dreams and enjoy a successful future.

As for the best places in and around the area, for you and your family to live, there are not a lot of places which you might want to consider taking a look at, with some offering you better options than others.

When it comes down to it though, there are two places in particular which you are definitely going to want to give some serious consideration. The first is the Nine Residences, with the second being the North Park Residences, both of which you are sure to love.

Henry Park Primary School

Henry Park Primary School

Henry Park Primary School: This school established over 40 years, aims to develop a leader in every child by nurturing their talent and developing a character of strength through distinctive education. The distinctive programs of Applied Learning, Learning for Life, in-house Talent Development and service-learning helps the students to develop a sense of empathy for others and contribute to community. The school follows 4 core values to develop holistic education through Respect, Integrity, Care and Excellence and takes pride in service and shows honesty in performance.

When it comes to the Singapore primary school ranking statistics, some would have you believe that Henry Park Primary School is not quite up there with the top primary schools in Singapore.

This is not exactly fair though, as the teaching staff at Henry Park Primary School are always striving to make sure that they can improve their primary school ranking and make sure that the children who attend get the best education possible, preparing them for life in the real world.

One of the best things about Henry Park Primary School has to be the fact that you have a number of different places which you could view as your home for the future.

You would do well to make sure that you take in viewing at most of the places in the surrounding areas but, if we were to suggest the best places to you, we would have to recommend Glentrees, Allsworth Park, and Astor Green.

For a parent, choosing a particular school for their children is an extremely exciting but an equally stressful task. Every parent wants their child to receive the best education and therefore, the job of school hunting gives them jitters. There are quite a few tips that a person should remember before getting into a good school.

The most favourable 10 tips for getting into good school are listed below:

Decide your Priorities:

Decide your Priorities

It is very important to consider which school are you exactly looking for? Is it a faith school, a school with special educational needs or a school with special medical care in case your child has chronic disease? If you have specific needs as such, then you have to marginalise your choice related to the schools that provide additional classes and care for the differently abled children. And, if you are opting for schools that are well resourced, has good academic background and a nice principal then consider from multiple options which features you are looking for, like big playground or bigger classrooms, school timings and as the like for your child.

Focus on schools within your vicinity:

Look for a school of your choice near your home. This is one of the important tip among the 10 tips for getting into good school. Only if there is no school available near your residence, opt for a school that is farther away. Remember, your child needs to travel daily to school irrespective of weather changes and hectic school curriculum. Therefore, it will be beneficial to opt for a school that is closer to home so that your child does not get tired unnecessarily due to lengthy journeys.

Research Well:

10 tips for getting into good school

Read about the school you want your child to get allotted to from official review sites. Also, try to interact with parents whose children are already studying in your preferred school. Ask them difficult queries and figure out whether it will be the best option for your child.

Be realistic and open to options:

The fourth tip is to be realistic and open to multiple options. It may happen that your child could not crack through the admission process of your desired school. Or, due to some other inevitable circumstances, the school will not be able to enrol your child. In that case, do not lose all hope and dishearten yourself. You should at least keep a couple of options as your preferred schools before the admission process begins. If your child could not get through one, he will surely get through another. Be practical and have faith.

Plan a visit:

Plan a visit School

As a parent, it is your duty and responsibility to personally visit the schools where you want your child to study from. Call up the schools, ask for the open days and take an appointment to visit. Visit the classrooms and look around the display boards. See, if you are finding the recent works. Read through them to check if they are interesting and interactive. Ask the school about other school clubs where your child can learn beyond academics which will help him develop his overall personality.

Know how and when to apply:

The next tip is to be aware of the timings when the school will start with its admission procedures. Check whether the application process is online or offline. If they are by offline means, collect the admission form on time and enquire about the various documents that needs to be submitted along with the form within the deadline.

Look for a school before his 4th birthday:

It is necessary to plan to enrol your child in school before his 4th birthday as it will allow you to have a second chance for school enrollment. Education should be started on time in order to strive along with others in this competitive world and there should be absolutely no delay if the child is not differently abled or medically unfit. All schools are supposed to start from January, admission processes should be completed by July and should be checked by parents from time to time on the school’s official website.

List your real preference:

List your real preference

List all the schools you wish to get your child enrol into according to your genuine order of preference. Gauge your chances of getting through the first school of preference after your child appears for the admission process and always have one school on your list as a fall-back option where the child can get through easily.

Understand the allocation process:

The second last tip is to understand how the allocation process works. There can be maximum 45-50 pupils in a class and it may happen that your child is on the waiting list for the top most school of your choice but got through the second one on your list. Do not keep waiting for him to clear the waiting list and miss out the admission deadline for the second school. Enrol him first in the school he got through so that he does not miss out on his elementary education because the number of applicants are always huge enough as compared to the available seats.

Don’t be afraid to appeal or request:

If you desperately want your child to get through the prime institution of your choice where he is on waiting list or if he has not got through any schools on your list, do not panic. Request the council to look for one extra seat, if they can, or appeal to them if you think the reason of rejection was not fair. If your appeal is heard, you can appear for the admission within 10 school days’ notice.

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