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Get to Know About Trinity Christian Centre

Trinity Christian Centre believes in engaging with people, meeting needs, and developing people’s potential for people to enter a life of fulfillment and destiny in God. Visitors are welcome to participate in the Trinity Christian Centre active care cell gatherings or weekend services, which honor Jesus.

The General Superintendent of The Assemblies of God of Singapore and the Lead Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre is Rev. Dominic Yeo. Rev. Dominic is devoted to developing pastors, leaders, and churches and is well known for his visionary and strategic leadership. He trains and consults with them globally to help churches experience transformation and reach new heights of growth.


Vibrant Atmosphere

Consider worship gatherings, prayer circles, and small groups as locations where people yearn for God’s presence and where God loves to reside. See individuals coming into contact with God and the performance of signs, wonders, and miracles in a thriving environment of worship, prayer, and discipleship.

Incredible Unity

Think of Trinity Christian Centre as a community of believers who have made covenantal ties. There, individuals, families, small groups, and ministries work together in Harmony to carry out God’s purposes for the church at that time.

Passionate Heartbeat

Observe a people consumed by a goal of influencing the world for Jesus Christ and seeing His glory manifested everywhere. See a church with a burning desire to send men and women of faith to churches and the body of Christ to empower them and further God’s worldwide mission.

Strategic Leadership

They see the church as where Spirit-filled leaders can grow and be empowered, positioning them for effective deployment within the Body of Christ. Each Trinitarian has a leadership position and a ministry.

Service they provide

Where are my ethics?

Have you ever been in a situation where you get morally torn to decide what to do? Or have you ever questioned whether you embody Christ in your ethical choices?

Learn practical ethical decision-making techniques in this class on Christian ethics, and leave prepared to make decisions in line with your personal Christian beliefs.

spiritual parenting education

Each one has been given the mandate by God to make disciples for Jesus. You get equipped to answer this call through spiritual parenting! Discover God’s love for souls by coming!

Learn how to build relationships, preach the gospel, and train others. Don’t be afraid to be a warrior for God’s harvest!

Connect Leader Education

Be a leader for God! Know what it takes to lead a Connect Group. Learn to mentor and Lead the connect group to become more like Christ. Discover the thrill of developing leaders for Jesus and get equipped to build a biblical community of disciples!

Parenting Series: Discipline and Boundaries

Children benefit from boundaries and discipline in stability, consistency, and general wellbeing. Discipline and boundaries help lessen anxiety, conflict, and meltdowns.

Bible Series: Jeremiah and Lamentations

God demonstrates His patience through Jeremiah, giving Judah 40 years to turn from its ways. Jerusalem gets destroyed when the Babylonians invaded because they failed to do so. In Lamentations, the prophet weeps over the fall of Jerusalem, yet he is comforted by the knowledge of God’s mercy. Learn to trust and relax in Master Potter through these two books.

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