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Tuas Bus Terminal

Tuas Bus Terminal Singapore

Information about Tuas Bus Terminal in Singapore

The Tuas Bus Station is a bus terminal that services the industrial workers at the Jurong Industrial Estate and the Tuas Industrial Estate in western Singapore. It gets located near the Boon Lay Bus Interchange. There are currently only two boarding berths and one landing berth available.

The Tuas Bus Terminal is anticipated to relocate to a new location at the intersection of Tuas West Drive and Tuas Link 4, more conveniently located next to Tuas Plaza MRT Station, and will house an additional two services.


To facilitate the growth of the industrial districts at Tuas and Tuas South, the original Tuas Bus Terminal opened on January 2, 1998. Service 192 and 193 get extended to terminate there on the day of the launch, serving as a finishing point for bus routes that ran far into Tuas.

Due to its remote location, the terminal, at its busiest time, only served four local bus lines. Until they were combined into Service 182 between Boon Lay and Tuas South Ave 9 (Loop), bypassing the terminal, Services 182 (to Jurong East, then abbreviated to Boon Lay) and 183 (looping at Tuas South) ran out of Tuas Bus Terminal between July 1998 and May 2002. The Tuas Bus Terminal was also served by Maju Cross-Border Bus Service 262, discontinued in the early 2000s.

The terminal was moved to a new location on the roof of Tuas MRT Depot, close to the intersection of Tuas West Drive and Tuas Link 4 and directly next to the Tuas Link MRT Station of the East-West Line extension, on October 7, 2017. The previous terminal gets then destroyed.

Tuas Bus Terminal Departure 


Near Tuas West Drive and Raffles Marina in the Tuas Industrial Area lies the elevated Tuas Bus Terminal. Bus lines that go to the Tuas Industrial Estate end at the terminus. It provides easy access to the rail network and bus services at the terminal by connecting with Tuas Link MRT Station on the East-West MRT Line.

Tuas Bus Terminal is the first of its sort in Singapore because of its elevated architecture. The terminal, around 10,000 square meters in size and accessible by a long vehicular ramp from Tuas West Drive, is situated on the roof slab of Tuas MRT Depot and is the equivalent of more than three stories above ground level. A lift and a stairway connecting the terminal to ground level are available for pedestrian access. A service floor in between provides access to the Tuas MRT Depot, restricted to approved workers.


The bus terminal features a naturally ventilated concourse space with amenities for commuters, including two distinct passenger service offices for anchor and secondary operators, an administrative office, staff lounges, a canteen (closed), an eating area, and various auxiliary rooms. The bus terminal’s central bus park is where you’ll find it. Due to the anticipated low passenger demand at the station, queue lines similar to those at Shenton Way Bus Terminal get not built. For commuters who are waiting, aluminum benches get installed.

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