Tuas Neighbourhood

by | Jun 9, 2022

Tuas Neighbourhood

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Know More About Tuas Neighbourhood

Tuas is today recognized for its vast network of industrial spaces, its connection to Malaysia, or (if you’re from the East) “being on the other side of the planet.”

Tuas isn’t all that different from its more accessible neighbours. Although the estate is less residential and more industrial than it is given credit for, it has witnessed significantly more urban growth than it is credit. Tuas, like much of Singapore, has a fishing heritage in TUAS neighbourhood. Tuas refers to a fishing technique used by area fishermen technically known as “menuas,” which is derived from the Malay term for “cut in two pieces,” “to lift by leverage,” or “to support.”

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Meta Description

Tuas is a planning district in Singapore’s Western Region. It is bordered on the north by the Western Water Catchment, on the East by Pioneer.


Tuas is not a residential area. It doesn’t seem like the kind of place one would want to live with its overall inaccessibility until lately, its reputation for industrial structures, and its location at “the other end of the island.” Tuas does have a reasonable number of housing possibilities in TUAS neighbourhood. The workers in the area are at the heart of Tuas’ housing options, which are a mix of public homes and private dorms. The national public housing organization HDB, which is at the heart of any Singaporean housing estate, has a couple of estates in Tuas. These cottages seen in industrial zoos and nearby locations are supplied at a reasonable cost to the workers.

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Tuas has a significant concentration of eateries due to its large working population. To the reduction in population after working hours, not all of these possibilities are available for the whole of an awake day. It’s only natural that the rustic Tuas Village Eating House would have the most traditional options. The dining house stands out among the many towering industrial complexes because it is not particularly tall. W & W Roasted Duck, Chicken Rice and Noodles are just a few well-known vendors who call it home. W & W is a Tuas institution known for its prices, savoury beef and sweet chilli, and free-flow soup.


Sure, that’s not a phrase, but the Tiger Brewery on hand in Tuas appears to be a terrific place to visit. The Tiger Brewery Tour will enhance your pleasure with this legendary brew. You’re more interested in drinking the beer than learning about it tour includes a 45-minute tasting session with various beers ranging from Baron’s to Guinness to a selection from Archipelago Brewery.

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Tuas’ remote location necessitates that its shopping amenities be as comprehensive as feasible. Tuas Amenity Centre provide almost everything needed, such as hardware stores and Singapore Pools. The highlight is a Style Cutz, which offers hair dying treatments for only $10! Since you’re so close to Malaysia, why not travel there? The variety is as good as Singapore’s but at far lower pricing than businesses like Cotton On, The Alley, and Daiso. The Toppen Shopping Centre, which is nearby, has an Ikea, a rooftop fitness centre, rock climbing, and even a splash pad.

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