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Ulu Pandan Bus Depot

Ulu Pandan Bus Depot Solar

Everything You Need To Know About  Ulu Pandan Bus Depot

The Land Transport Authority of Singapore has constructed four bus depots, the latest being Ulu Pandan Bus Depot. The Bus Service Enhancement Programme and Bus Contracting Model designed to accommodate the expanding bus fleet during the ensuing years at the depot. Boon Lay Way, Sungei Pandan, and Sungei Ulu Pandan all abut the depot. Business Park Drive divides the depot complex, with the main depot building to the east of the road and the open-air bus park to the west. Since its completion in early 2017, Phase 1, an outdoor bus park west of Business Park Drive, has been in use. As with the pre-handling, SMRT Buses is temporarily using it to overnight park buses.


Tiong Seng Contractors Pte Ltd received contract RD300 for Ulu Pandan Bus Depot design and construction, valued at about S$70 million. The 8.3-acre bus depot built with a capacity for roughly 500 buses. The depot will probably with a noise barrier wall along its circumference because it is close to other office complexes.

The bus depot will given to the chosen bidder for the Bukit Merah Bus Package, a collection of 18 bus services that SBS Transit will manage through Sep 1, 2018, once it finishes in Q1 of 2018. Before operations began, the depot would turn to SBS Transit for outfitting and preliminary work.

Design Elements

A solar roof at Ulu Pandan Bus Depot produces 702.78 kWp (kilowatt-peak) power.

Center for Bus Technical Specialist Certification (BTSCC)

 Building a new, contemporary Technical Assessment and Certification Center at the Ulu Pandan Depot for the Singapore Bus Academy was a component of SBS Transit’s proposal for the Bukit Merah Bus Package (SGBA). SBS Transit contributed to the $2.3 million establishments of the BTSCC by using its knowledgeable engineering and training professionals to create the program’s curriculum and certification exams.

As a training facility for SGBA, the Bus Technical Specialist Certification Centre (BTSCC) formally inaugurated on Aug 27, 2018. A supportive environment for technical training and certification provided by the BTSCC, which has specialised training facilities that use cutting-edge technologies.

Carnival at Ulu Pandan Bus Depot

SBS Transit staged a carnival at Ulu Pandan Bus Depot on Saturday, Oct 27, 2018. Mr Khaw Boon Wan, Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure and Minister for Transportation, also formally launched the Bus Depot.

Operational Background:

While the main Ulu Pandan Depot building still built, SMRT Buses received the finished bus park across the street from the main depot for nighttime bus parking, comparable to Bulim Bus Depot (SMRT Buses), Loyang Bus Depot (SBS Transit) and Seletar Bus Depot (SBS Transit). After SBS Transit relocated Bulim, SMRT Buses continued to use it until this arrangement came to end Sep 26, 2021.

Bus Contracting Model (BCM)

As part of the Bukit Merah Bus Package, Ulu Pandan Bus Depot and 17 bus lines combined under the BCM. These routes primarily served by the Buona Vista, Bukit Merah, HarbourFront, Kampong Bahru, Queen Street, Shenton Way, and Marina Centre Bus Interchanges and Terminals. As part of SBS Transit’s winning alternative bid, the station manages the operations of the majority of the buses operating on these routes.

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