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More To Know About The [email protected] Square 

Here are activities you can do at [email protected] Square, that will inspire you and put you on the right path. Those who have attempted to lose weight are aware of the significant mental and physical work required. Every year, we promise ourselves we will achieve our fitness #goals, only to give up as soon as the Chinese New Year celebrations begin. 

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Running Lab Can Find The Ideal Pair Of Running Shoes.

If you’ve been putting off your run and haven’t worn your running shoes in a long time, you can bet that the soles of your currency pairs are steadily deteriorating in [email protected] Square. Using it as another reason to avoid those runs, investing in a new can be motivating. As with many other types of shoes, we sometimes discover that running shoes don’t fit us properly after trying them.

 At Running Lab, you are able to test the shoes; on their in-store treadmill to guarantee that they fit your feet perfectly.

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True Fitness Can Help You Achieve Your Ideal Body.

Many of us consider the amenities and equipment that come with the membership price when looking for a gym. True Fitness offers the best bang for your buck in classes, fitness equipment, and locker rooms fully equipped with showers, toilets, and hair dryers. 

This three-level gym’s upper two floors are entirely outfitted with various fitness essentials. You’ll be able to work out every muscle group in your body, thanks to anything from treadmills to free weights.

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Fight Zone Is A Great Place To Hone your Muay Thai Talents.

Elliptical trainers and step machines are not for everyone. For those who dislike machines, Fight Zone offers a more dynamic workout that will keep you on your toes. Fight Zone is a HIIT Muay Thai-focused gym that can do burpees and rope slams alongside kicks and uppercuts. Within 30 minutes of a trial lesson, I realised how many opportunities for improving my fitness level had in between collecting my breath. One of the best aspects of this gym is that everything done barefoot eliminates the need to tote your shoe bag from the office to the gym.

Velocity@Novena Square Stores

Sports Equipment And Apparel Are Available.

Winter vacations to frigid places may be on hold, but now may be a great time to stock up on cheap winter apparel for future visits. In addition to attire, you may get sporting equipment such as badminton rackets, knee and ankle protectors, and a traditional Spalding basketball for hoop sessions at your local basketball court. Some with distinctive prints, such as the NBA Marble Ball ($28, U.P. $35).

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Get Ready For Your Upcoming Hike In The Big Country.

Hiking is quickly becoming a weekend favourite for many as we explore every inch of Singapore. The Big Country offers a variety of outdoor equipment for your upcoming excursion, whether it’s a hike up MacRitchie Reservoir or a camping trip in East Coast Park. Even if you’re not much of an adventurer, keep an eye out for the other exciting but practical things that can make terrific gifts.

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