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Waseda Shibuya Senior High School opened in 1991 and provided high-quality Japanese instruction to children of Japanese citizens. The Waseda Shibuya Senior High School in Singapore gets founded to address the lack of a Japanese senior high school in Singapore. Japanese people who work in other countries get praised for Japanese work ethics and values. The number of Japanese expatriates living abroad is gradually growing in this globalization period. There is a substantial Japanese community in all globalized Asian countries, not only western countries, including Singapore.

Meta description:

Waseda Shibuya Senior High School began as the Shibuya Makuhari Singapore School in April 1991, with 50 Japanese students in the first class.

Vision and mission:

As we enter the period of globalization, it gets generally known that the number of Japanese living outside of Japan is gradually rising, and abroad kid education, particularly at the high school level, is an issue for overseas workers. It has evolved. Waseda Shibuya Senior High School in Singapore gets founded to suit the high demands of Japanese ex-pats. Internationalization and Asianization are becoming increasingly important. Waseda University has been teaching global leaders since 1882, and Shibuya Education Academy has years of international educational experience. 

Daily routine:

 The Waseda Shibuya Singapore School curriculum centered on the following principle being abroad and respecting each individual’s individuality.

  • Small groups get organized according to each subject’s competency level.
  • A double-track curriculum with two science, mathematics, and humanities courses get provided from the second to third year.
  • Various education, exam preparation, and other programs get offered throughout the summer vacation.
  • All students get a syllabus at the beginning of the year. 
  • Five regular tests, three ability tests, and external mock examinations get conducted each year.
  • In oral communication classes, materials from Waseda University gets used.
  • Tutorial English implementation

School events:

Sports festival :

In June, there will be an athletic festival. The Student Organization Inside School’s Physical Education Committee will be in charge of planning and preparation, and a day full of energy fit for tropical Singapore will emerge.

Orchid Festival with Stars:

The school holds an event called the “Hoshiran Festival” every September. The kids’ school festival executive committee has been meticulously preparing for this day for several months. Class, club, and the individual will display and declare their relaxed individualism and polished abilities. The school gets attended by not Japanese ex-pats but several Shins from Paulian and people from all around the region, and foreign interactions take place all over, making it the most colorful day of the year.

School field trip:

Second graders are leaving on a five-night, six-day school trip. You may live on a vast Australian farm and attend school in a country other than Singapore. It’s also enticing that all students may profit from using English in their daily lives.

Accommodations instruction:

The first graders will spend two days and one night in Malaysia on a research trip. Exploring the isolated islands of the East China Sea, exploring Rawa Island, seeing the old city of Malacca, trekking, and camping at the Gunung Redan Natural Park in Joho get undertaken in recent years.

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