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Here is All About Trinity Methodist Church

Trinity Methodist Church (TMC) is a multigenerational church formed in 1956 by a group of young couples who perceived a need for a Methodist church in Serangoon Gardens. They began our church by organizing church services and Sunday School courses in five houses on the estate. More than 60 years later, the Trinity Methodist Church today has roughly 30 small groups ranging from the elderly to kids. Our church has also increased to around 700 regular worshippers every Sunday in our English, Mandarin, children’s, and youth services, a monument to God’s faithfulness.


Because they are eager to experience the complete life that God has given them, the disciples seek to strengthen their connection with Christ. Trinity Methodist Church wishes to deepen their bond, bear each other’s hardships, and be there for one other in the long run. Disciples want the lives of others to be touched and transformed in the same manner that their owners have been. While the mission of our church is to be a place where disciples become disciples, we are actively working to develop discipleship connections among all members.


  1. Pastoral care for children:

The pastoral care for children accepts children aged a few months to six years. Allow your children to grow in their faith while you attend the core service in peace!

  1. Chinese Foreign Ministry:

Join our Chinese Ministry, directed by Pastor Jacob, if you speak Mandarin or know someone who does. We link you with our Mandarin-speaking community through small groups and activities, in addition to weekly Mandarin service.

  1. GYM (Bright Years Ministry):

GYM strives to bring elders together via meaningful activities and events. Make friends with your fellow churchgoers and enjoy your golden years in the company of your fellow followers. 

  1. Small Groups:

Join a small group and connect with a community of Christians who will walk beside you on your spiritual journey.

  1. Ministry to Young Adults:

Young Adult Ministry gathers young adults (ages 20-35) to grow in discipleship alongside other Christians in the same stage of life. Our young adults are involved in discipleship and small groups. And they routinely participate in church and community activities.

  1. Ministry to Young Adults:

Ministry to Young Adults TMC is the church’s youth and tertiary fellowship. Our youth ministry seeks to educate and educate young people through discipleship and the study of God’s Word to produce a generation that will live in fear of the Lord and stand firm before the people.


  1. The Women’s Christian Service Society (WSCS):

WSCS services are around four primary pillars that enable Methodist women to discover a place where they may serve God, develop together as sisters in Christ, and support one another in their faith walk. 

  1. Nursing and Discipleship:

D&N’s objective is for every member to be like the Broan Jew depicted in Acts 17:11. 

  1. Communications:

Through internal and external communication, the Ministry of Communications seeks to magnify the glory of God’s work within the church and community. It comprises the Saltshaker newsletter, the TMC website, TMC social media outlets, and graphic assets to promote our annual event schedule.

Services of Worship:

Online Service: 

Join for worship services in English and Mandarin via Livestream at 

Worship on Saturday:

Saturday, 4:30 p.m., Emmanuel Room (L2)

Traditional Sunday Worship: 

Shrine, 9:45 a.m. on Sunday (L1)

Sunday Worship in Today’s World:

Emmanuel Hall, 9:45 p.m. on Sunday (L2)

Week of Mandarin Chinese Worship:

Sanctuary, 11:30 a.m. on Sunday (L1)

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