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What activities are offered at the West Coast Community Centre?

West Coast CC will be improved and expanded.According to news reports, the West Coast Community Centre (CC) will refurbish in Q1 2015 to offer better amenities geared toward young families, kids, and children with special needs. It will have a mini-theatre, a playground for kids with special needs, and a new addition building with a new covered basketball court. Through covered, accessible link bridges, the CC will also connect to West Coast Plaza and the West Coast hawker center. The Active, Beautiful, and Clean Community Deck, which will construct over Sungei Pandan Kechil Canal, will also be connected to it. The community center must be a location that unites all facets of the community, according to West Coast GRC Member of Parliament S Iswaran, who spoke during the opening of the center’s upgrading program on January 4. We have a variety of needs, including children with special needs, elders, and parents who bring their children are some of those. The West Coast Community Centre, situated along Clementi West Street 2, currently has a badminton court, basketball court, dance studio, and roof terrace.


Emergency Preparedness:

Residents will learn about the significance of racial harmony as a vital building block in rebuilding our social fabric through PA and its Grassroots EP Programmes, in addition to developing EP skills and participating in emergency drills. The EP Programs’ main goal is to assist the West Coast Community Centre in maintaining composure, developing resilience in times of crisis, and fast reestablishing normalcy.

Community Arts and Culture Clubs:

A coordinating club dedicated to promoting community arts, the Community Arts & Culture Clubs (CACC) get made up of volunteers with similar interests. The primary goal of the CACC is to use the arts and culture to involve locals of all ages, races, and socioeconomic classes while making arts and culture available to the general public. Each constituency and neighborhood will become a arts and culture scene with a distinct artistic identity thanks to the numerous intriguing programs.

Women’s Executive Committees:

The Women’s Executive Committees (WECs) plan activities and programs to inspire women from all backgrounds to foster community links, care for the young, and assist the most fortunate. Every Community Club on the island is home to a WEC. In addition to strengthening connections between women of all races, WEC events and programs engage women and their families to satisfy their needs and interests to provide opportunities for women to get involved in local and national matters.

Wellness Programme:

Three areas get highlighted by the PA Wellness Programme. Among them are

Seniors participating in physical activities to preserve their health and fitness are getting a health checkup to see how they are doing. Seniors who want to keep their social networks active participate in CC, RC, and NC programs.While residents without risk conditions can maintain good health in the numerous activities and interest groups under the PA Wellness Programme, residents with risk conditions will be encouraged to see their general practitioner and participate in the various programs offered by PA. Seniors can create solid social networks with other senior citizens so that they will watch out for one another.

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