Westwood Secondary School

by | Jun 28, 2022

Westwood Secondary School

Westwood Secondary School Singapore

What Services Does Westwood Secondary School Offer?

Westwood Secondary School is an excellent school that strives to address the requirements of students and stakeholders by providing them with the skills, competencies, and values necessary to tackle future challenges.

Everyone at Westwood Secondary School gets valued for who they are and the potential they hold, regardless of their background, abilities, or requirements. They will provide them numerous opportunities to learn, lead, develop, be creative, and take on new tasks. They want to hone their confidence, increase their potential and instil a sense of possibility in them when confronted with uncertainty.


Westwood Secondary School Campus

Role of the Westwood Student Development Team

The Westwood Student Development Team is in charge of planning and implementing a holistic learning experience for all Westwood students over their four or five years of schooling. Its main goal is to improve the quality of Westwood kids’ school experience, focus on values education, and the students’ socio-emotional development needs. It starts with Westwoodians transitioning from a primary to a secondary school atmosphere in their first year at Westwood, with gradual exposure and a broader examination of character and citizenship education, leadership development, and post-secondary education.

Westwood Secondary School Music

Educational and Career Guidance

Improve students’ ability to relate schooling to various educational and career paths by deepening their understanding of themselves. Westwoodians learn about careers, identify relevant lines of study, and gain knowledge of their abilities, interests, and values by participating in ECG activities and programs over four years.

Westwood Secondary School Facade

Enrichment and Life Skills

Ensure that Westwoodians’ co-curricular activities are diverse and well-balanced. The school aims to provide meaningful enrichment and life skills programs that equip Westwoodians with the necessary competencies, knowledge, and skills to realize their potential and live a purposeful life in a Robust and dynamic world by enhancing learning experiences and supporting holistic development.

Cyber Wellness

Allow Westwoodians to understand the norms of appropriate, respectful, and responsible technology use and equip them with the knowledge, skills, and values. And attitudes accept ICT while preserving a healthy balance between the physical and cyber worlds, utilize the potential of ICT for good, and safeguard themselves and other internet users in the cyber world.

Westwood Secondary School Field

Niche programs 

Applied Learning Programme (ALP) – Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship 

ISE is a school-wide initiative that combines explicit instruction with real-life examples. It incorporates application into practice, which emphasizes and reinforces the relevance of what is learned in the classroom in the real world,’ providing children with a sense of purpose and reality in what they are learning, touching their HEARTS and HEADS, and active engagement through their HANDs.

Westwood Secondary School Ground

Learning for Life Programme (LLP) – Arts for Life

The school seeks to promote an informed and lifelong appreciation of the Arts – Visual Art and Design, as well as Music and Performing Arts – through the program “Arts for Life!” Students are exposed to various art forms to foster an insatiable curiosity and a desire to learn new things; all three-tier programs provide a broad-based curriculum covering everything from digital media to theatre studies to music and dance.

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