White Sands Primary School

by | May 30, 2022

White Sands Primary School

White Sands Primary School Games

Student Development In White Sands Primary School

The school relocated to its current location in January 1999 and officially opened in July 2000. Before 2001, the school was a single-session institution. In 2001, due to increased enrolment, a double session implemented in White Sands Primary School. The 4-2 method used in the school in 2008. The morning session had four levels (P3 – P6), whereas the afternoon session included two-level (P1 & P2). Since 2015, the school has been running as a single session.

Meta Description

White Sands Primary School opened in January 1998 on the grounds of Park View School with 222 students. The new school building at 2 Pasir Ris Street 11.

Program for Lifelong Learning ( LLP )

The Visual Arts (VA) of Heritage Art forms are the emphasis of the Learning for Life Program (LLP) in White Sands. Every White Sands Primary School students receives real-life practical learning to help them build their character and values, foster positive attitudes and self-expression, and strengthen their people skills through HeARTs (Heritage Art Showcase). Its goal is to develop pupils have a strong sense of aesthetics and a respect for the VA. The main goal of LLP is to develop a lively VA culture through curriculum and enrichment instructional programmes that will help all students develop social and emotional capabilities. LLP allows students to stay actively involved in VA by giving to and forming partnerships with the community.

Program of Applied Learning ( ALP )

The ALP journey Coding and Computational Thinking began at White Sands Primary School. We hope to develop White Canadians to become digital citizens with computational thinking skills through ALP. The 2As (Acquirers and Achievers Tiers) Approach is ALP at White Sands to develop students’ digital learning results. The institution offers broad-based programmes at the Acquirers Tier appropriate for students at all levels. Students will gain understanding of how digital technologies function and abilities in curating, creating, communicating and collaborating with others responsibly as a result of this school-wide, progressive approach.

Students in the Computing club have the opportunity to expand their appreciation and comprehension at the Achievers Tier.

Program of Global Outreach

The Global Outreach Program is a hands-on learning project designed to improve our students’ global understanding and cross-cultural skills. The programme provides our students with a diverse range of learning opportunities and perspectives on the world and a deeper understanding of the region. Furthermore, the programme teaches pupils about cultural sensitivity and gives them the option to practise being ambassadors for Singapore. The program enhances knowledge of Asia’s various cultures and societies, particularly our ASEAN neighbours. We’ve taken students from all walks of life and CCA groups to China, Malaysia, Brunei, and other countries since our founding in 2007.

Wellness in the Digital Age

The positive well-being of Internet users refers to as Cyber Wellness (CW). It entails a grasp of online behaviour knowledge of how to be safe in cyberspace. CW dedicates to assisting students in being responsible digital learners. Students should treat themselves and others with respect when traversing cyberspace. They should also practise safe and use. Students can also be a positive peer influence by using technology for collaboration, learning, and productivity, advocating for constructive technology use for the community’s benefit.

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