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Guide to know about the White Sands

White Sands Facade

White Sands gets situated in the Pasir Ris New Town recreation area at Pasir Ris Central, close to the MRT Station. With a focus on today’s active and healthy lifestyle, White Sands provides its residential catchment with the ease of a one-stop retail mall in a vibrant atmosphere. White Sands has become a well-liked weekend vacation spot due to its location within the recreation zone along Singapore’s eastern shore. Young National Service members traveling to their training base camp on Pulau Tekong can stop at the White Sands mall for a little break. In 2007, the White Sands’s considerable renovation and expansion finished. Customers can now take advantage of new amenities like travelators, kid-friendly toilets, and nursing rooms.

White Sands Singapore Review



The Mall Management Office has a free-of-charge wheelchair available. First come, first served governs access to it.

White Sands Entrance

Info About Buses

The Front Entrance of the White Sands is home to a pick-up point for ZTrans Bus Service. For the schedule, call 575-439-4971.


It gets located in the passageway between Lemon ShakeUps and the Melrose entrance to the Mall.


One ATM is available. It gets situated opposite Lemon ShakeUps.

White Sands Customer Service

Where to eat at White Sands?


The famous waffle and ice cream shop has opened in White Sands! Visit them for a quick snack, but do not forget to taste their ice cream selections and the waffles!


Grab some delicious Polar goodies! Ideal for a quick snack and even a great idea if you want to stop by a business for tea or anything else to pick up some snacks. Wait for curry puffs, chicken pie, and a variety of cakes!

White Sands Interior

Tender fresh Rice & Box

Here is a recent offering from the well-known business Tenderfresh. The Root Beer Ayam Masak Merah Set, Baked Teriyaki Salmon Set, Hungarian Beef Goulash Set, and of course, Tenderfresh favorites like Sping Chicken, Roast Chicken, and Chicken Wings are other choices.


You can get your favorite KFC chicken here, which is perfect if you want to grab a fast bite before going to work. Additionally, this KFC location offers a breakfast menu every day!


Because it was constantly open late and had two floors of outdoor seating, the McDonald’s at White Sands is legendary. The good news is that they have included the Create Your Taste concept at this White Sands shop, so it is not the same anymore.

White Sands Shops

Gurney Drive Signatures

Right here at White Sands, indulge in Penang pleasures! We all know that the GD Group, which also owns Gurney Drive Signatures, is the same company that brought us the fantastic Penang Culture and Penang St Buffet. The fact that it is Halal is the part!

Secret Recipe

It is nice to learn that White Sands has a Secret Recipe because we get not been there since we visited one in Singapore. Visit Secret Recipe for the renowned Lamb Shank, Tom Yam Noodles, and various cakes.

New Launch Condo

Home Valuation

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