Whitley Secondary School

by | Jun 28, 2022

Whitley Secondary School

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Programs offered In Whitley Secondary School.

Whitley Secondary School believes education is a voyage of self-discovery and offers a holistic curriculum that allows pupils to find and develop their skills, interests, and talents. Whitleyans are self-directed learners and self-assured individuals built on the ideas of Perseverance and Discipline as part of the Whitley Secondary School effort to develop a learning community. They become engaged contributors and concerned citizens who serve and care for their family, school, and Community by role-modelling the principles of Respect, Integrity, and Empathy. They have a national focus but a global outlook.


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Unique Programs 

Applied Learning Programme – Speech Communication Arts 

Students learn Unique and practical ways to express themselves through tableau, hot-seating, and role-playing. Their scripts also include fun ways to tell stories, such as narrating alone, in pairs, or even in a chorus reading. Students in Secondary One learn voice projection and blocking, which are crucial abilities in Speech and Drama. 

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Chinese ALP

The Chinese ALP program improves students’ communication abilities and confidence in speaking their native language. Each level of students has a specific skill connected to the news industry. Secondary one students will do news reporting; Secondary two students will do interviews; Secondary three students will write argumentative essays on social issues. They create classes to help kids improve their listening, speaking, and writing skills to be good bilinguals and communicate effectively with others during their secondary school education.

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Active Citizenship for Social Change

ACSC is a two-tiered program with a thematic approach that exposes Whitleyans to societal concerns and provides platforms for students to put ideas into practice in real-life situations and through connections with the outside world.

Tier 1 is a level-wide initiative that requires all lower secondary pupils to complete an ACSC curriculum. During the year-long curriculum, Sec 1 students investigate school and family concerns, while Sec 2 students focus on creating an inclusive Singapore and devising solutions using the Design Thinking Protocol. After that, the students will choose one or two projects to work on

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Personalized Digital Learning Programme (PDLP)

Jobs, businesses, and society are becoming more reliant on digital technology. Because digital technology will play an increasingly essential role in our lives, students must acquire digital skills to be future-ready. To make digital learning more inclusive by providing students with the digital literacy skills they need to succeed in the future, every secondary school student must obtain a school-approved personal learning device (PLD). Students from Singapore can pay for their PLD with their Edusave account. The device creates a learning environment that promotes individualization.

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Sports Education Programme

Sport Singapore (SportSG) and Whitley Secondary School of the Ministry of Education have collaborated on the Sports Education Programme (SEP) (MOE).

The SEP strives to promote the value of sports education, boost sports participation in schools, and expand young people’s sporting options. Students’ skills and sports knowledge get developed through SEP sports programs, which also encourage active engagement in sports in schools. The programs encourage pupils to participate in sports regularly by promoting team spirit and character development.

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